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  1. The new $ 14 "tax" only applies to reservations made AFTER 10/10.....If the "complimentary" beverage was one of your "free" perks for a reservation made BEFORE 10/10.....the new policy will not effect you....Happy Cruisin'
  2. We sail from Bayonne in 2012 a few days after Hurricane Sandy slammed NJ.....We had no electricity or heat in our home....We weren't sure if we could get to the port until just a few days before we were scheduled to sail.....It was very hard to get any info from RCCL.....We decided to go.....One couple inner group stayed home.....We had a great cruise....I did not feel the least bit guilty (my neighbors watched my home).....When we returned home, the heat & electricity was restored....There was devastation all around us.....and we pitched in & volunteered to help our less fortunate neighbors.....We now live in Florida & we have a cruise booked this year (at the end of hurricane season)
  3. Park N Go....Eller Drive.....shuttle will drop you off right in front of your ship....save $$$
  4. Planning an Alaskan cruise from Seattle......never been there......can anyone recommend a hotel for pre-cruise stay?
  5. If you have trip insurance & you cancel....wouldn't you get the deposit back?
  6. A small gratuity to the cocktail waiter or waitress is $ well spent.....You won't have to try to flag someone down if you want a second....or third....or fourth drink at dinner.....And the next night, he or she will be at your table when you are seated ready to take your order
  7. Great review....we are sailing on the Equinox 3/17/18....can't wait!
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