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  1. The 2 original shots are considered "fully vaccinated". I won't do boosters, I don't trust them. If those coming from across the pond do not need the boosters, neither do I. We were told the 2 original shots were sufficient. We sailed Equinox in May, My friends had the boosters. My son, daughter-in-law and I did not. THEY got covid and a really bad case of it. No boosters for me.
  2. No cruising for us for a long time if the pricing keeps on going like this. We simply cannot afford it. 60% off but on cruise only? Even all inclusive they jack the price up by $500? Are they kidding? Smart cruisers know the deal. Maybe in suites, which we never could afford, but not lower cabins. They are doing away with "all inclusive" likely and this will push many to other cruise lines. Celebrity is celebrating 32 years as Celebrity. We have been loyal since 1992. Sorry, can't justify this on a fixed income. So sad.
  3. We have used Park "N Go many times and it was great. Contact them. We just returned from an Equinox cruise and as opposed to $15 a night at the port, we paid $77 for the entire 9 nights. They do have covered parking but not sure of the cost. They shuttle you to the ship and back so I would check if they take you to the airport. Worth a shot.
  4. I agree. Just returned from Equinox and it's obvious suite guests are "preferred". Have sailed over 30 years with Celebrity and still see the same wonderful service from staff and crew BUT suites do take priority. We couldn't get a reservation in any specialty restaurant for the entire 9 nights. The dining room was chaos the first 2 nights but then empty at both select and regular seating. Makes me wonder about how crowded Luminae was. I do see a preference for suite guests and that's fine but we cannot afford those suites. Having sailed Edge I will never do that class again. As to the poster who suggested taking ships out of service, how about one of the Edge class? Most of us do agree that the M and S class ships are great, even with their staffing issues. Don't throw the "babies" out with the bathwater. These 2 classes are sailing almost to capacity. Equinox jumped from 1/2 full to 2200 on our sailing. You cannot expect the true Celebrity brand to be the same with this influx. Just my opinion.
  5. I was also on this cruise with 3 friends. Day 7 1 tested positive and then his mom in the same cabin. Lo and behold my friend with me also tested positive. I DID NOT! We don't know why but they figured it was either Aruba (where I didn't get off) or the theater show (which I did not attend). My son and daughter-in-law were with us in another cabin and I spent the time with them. None of us have tested positive Those black cars you saw were hired by Celebrity to take those who had tested to their respective cars, airport or hotels. They treated us wonderfully, even having our breakfast delivered to the cabins that morning. I agree, Celebrity better get back to "Celebrity" business or they will sink into the depths of mediocre ships. I have sailed over 30 years with them and have never seen such garbage going on. This CEO has taken the crew she picks to her "babies" the E class ships and has allowed the best of Celebrity, the M and S class to suffer. My son spoke to the bartender at the Sunset Bar who had become a friend and he told him that they finally had 450 crew from India on the way to help. That won't to the job if they are not trained the way crews of the past were. I will not give up on them just yet. My cabin steward was wonderful to me. I fell ( those damn speakers of the DJ by the Passport Bar right in the middle of the floor on a crowded day) and the medical crew and Guest Relations were wonderful. Very attentive. Our cabin steward made sure I had what I needed. Yes, I agree, more deck parties. I miss those wonderful days when we could party in the open. I also wish Celebrity would stop giving away specialty restaurant reservations to the suites and whoever and leaving those of us in the lower decks with no way to utilize them. I have NEVER seen those restaurants sold out completely before the cruises. Again, I do not and have never liked LLP. When I first cruised Michael Bailey was the CEO who transitioned from Chandris to Celebrity and he was wonderful. He took the brand and made it great. Just my opinion but we need him back. I pray all who are ill from this trip recover quickly and don't give up the ship just yet.
  6. Not for anything but to me, after reading the negatives on this post, it seems that the majority of the "problems" seem to be happening on European cruises. Am I completely wrong? The rules there are so nuts that I would never even attempt to sail there, at least for the foreseeable future. We sail from Florida to the Caribbean in a few weeks and have no real issues except for the double=talk, mish-mash of messaging from Miami regarding testing, boosters, etc. Time to stop complaining and coming here with so little information. Be precise, specific and this group has always had insight. Been a member for years and always came here first for info. Good luck.
  7. I know the rules of my country, and they are not rules, they are mandates from a government. I have lived all my life in the USA, I am 76 years old. I am sailing from the USA port back to the USA port. Celebrity keeps changing and mucking up the information they put out every day. Many of us have no more time left to get the booster. Too much information that makes no sense keeps being repeated everywhere. It has got to stop. We have money tied up in these trips and it's just not right. Sorry for the rant but this has got to stop. Celebrity is not the company I have sailed with for over 30 years. I don't care if it's RCI or whoever, it is not fair to those who continue to be loyal and those who are new that disinformation or confusing statements are continually being put out and their customer service is a joke. We all agree on that point. It is not good business to get 5 different answers from 5 different reps.
  8. I am going to contact my TA on Monday. My app says I am cleared for my vaccinations, no booster. That is what I will go on. The web site is horrible and seems to always have inconsistencies. This is getting old. You should not be allowed to frighten people this way. It makes folks go crazy trying to figure this out. Armchair experts always step in and attempt to explain when no one knows the correct answer. For me, I will go by my app. for now. I won't have time to figure out the 270 days and get the darn booster. Does that mean Celebrity will cancel my cruise? If they do I will simply NEVER sail them again after over 30 years. I may be only 1 but I bet there are millions of others who are sick and tired of this crap.
  9. If they flew in to Florida where they were cruising why did they miss the ship? That is almost impossible. Just curious how that happened.
  10. If you check your reservation on line you may see offers. I got 10% discount for upgrading prior to boarding so I went for it. 9 nights only $81. for the upgrade. If you are Elite, Elite+, and I believe Select you also receive a discount so check your options.
  11. May be a a glitch in their web site. I don't sail until May 6 and it already has our edocs ready to print. This has NEVER happened before. We have done 30 cruises but since edocs never had them ready this early. Call and see what's going on if you need to.
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