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  1. We decided to finally put a virgin voyage cruise on hold, and will put down deposit tomorrow, and we are absolutely thrilled. My question is this, we can see our cabin number and cannot figure out if it’s a glass balcony or metal? It’s a forward Xl sea terrace. Does anyone know if they are glass or metal?
  2. Hahaha. Thank you all so much for your replies and information. We really appreciate it so much. I think we are going to go ahead and book, and really hoping this will be our new cruise line. I have read So many positive reviews and experiences and it really sounds like an amazing cruise line. Thank you so much.
  3. I have a dress code question. This topic usually causes a debate so before I even ask I just want to say I’m asking because it is extremely important to my husband. I have read over and over there is no dress code other than no wet swimsuits. My question is this, does anyone know the rules on baseball hats in dining rooms? My husband is not comfortable unless he’s wearing a baseball hat for reasons of his own. These are nice baseball hats that match his outfits, not sports team hats. We’ve been asked to leave many restaurants on board NCL on our last 3 cruises because he refused to remove his hat. Some of these were up charge restaurants we paid extra to eat at. I understand rules are rules but if we are paying to be there he should be able to wear a hat while eating. Anyone know if hats are allowed in dining rooms?
  4. Hi there. We have been looking to book with Virgin and have never sailed them before. We’ve been on 14 cruises including Disney, Rccl, Ncl and carnival. We did not care for rccl or carnival and the last 2 times on NCl were not so great either. Huge decline in food and entertainment and customer service. So here we are looking to try a new line….Virgin Voyages. Now I see in the suite it comes with a stocked bar. Is all of that included? Or if we use any of the small bottles of alcohol are we charged any fees? What all is included with booking a suite? Do you have someone to help hook excursions and dining and such? thank you all for any advice of info you can offer.
  5. This is also an option and a great idea. We are last minute planning and deciding , so I appreciate all the feedback. It will help guide us to what will be best for our anniversary.
  6. I’m sorry about that. We are looking in July 2022 Alaska cruises on westerdam. So it will be very soon. thank you all so much for your feedback I really appreciate it.
  7. Thank you so much, this is very helpful and I was a bit surprised to see all the items offered on the room service menu. Thank you for including the link! Appreciate it.
  8. I’ve sailed with Disney, ncl, carnival and Royal. This may be the first time we ever sail with Hal. Also better mention we’ve not sailed since 2017. I’m very scared of Covid, and yes, a cruise might be considered a Petrie dish, however I’m desperately trying to plan our 25 year wedding anniversary. We both loved cruising prior to Covid and I swore no more cruises with Covid going on. However, it’s not going away and life moves on. Here are my questions. Based on my Covid fears, IF I book on Hal westerdam for Alaska in an AFT facing verandah room…..can we order meals at restaurants and take them back to our room? I do not want to eat in any restaurants. I would prefer to eat all meals in my room. Are masks required on board inside? how crowded are the shows? how are the room sizes compared to a balcony on NCL? how does this have it all package work? how does Hal compare to say NCL? thank you so much for your help, .
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