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  1. We also have GTY for our up coming cruise on the 24Th of August, so 38 days out. At which point we'll know what cabin we get? its our first experience with GTY!!
  2. Vintages IS INCLUDED!! I know, i abused it last time!!! But auto wine dispenser, can't tell, never used them!! Bionic is, and we also abused there as well!!!
  3. anthem of the seas is still at 50$ we booked at 47$
  4. I rechecked my confirmation email, and im booked directly with the hotel! No third party!!
  5. Yes it was them, but they called the hotel to verify, i wanted to make sure! I guess we'll see!!
  6. so funny!! I couldn't stop laughing at the nearby couple!!! Reminded me something!! Awesome review!!
  7. We got a park/fly/cruise 7 days with one night a doubletree hilton newark! 160$ with afree shuttle to the port! Sounds pretty good to me!!
  8. Nothing in that area with free parking?? We could take uber back and forth to the ship. 2 queens beds will work for the night.
  9. Our cruise is leaving in 16 days, if that matter??!!
  10. Is there any hotels nearby that have free parking? We plans to arrive the night before. We're looking for something just for the night. Also if there is any shuttles to port? Its 176$ for our 8 days, so if its running more expensive, we're gonna drive the same day! Thanks in advance!
  11. OMG!!!!! Black friday sale premium drink package......50$ as usual.....
  12. We booked today for the AOTS, and now its 48$ plus 18%, so we should wait for lower? Also this time we're with our kiddos, both 7 years old. So we wont drink heavy, but still think with coffee, juices, water it will be worth it! Our kids first cruise ever!!!
  13. Gotcha! I understand now why the price seemed low! Its 3 days charge only! Kinda sucks though!!
  14. What's up with cheer and NYC?? I read on your vlog that isn't allowed on day one from NY ?? We're on the horizon in may and took the cheers! We won't be able to use it before sail away?? Sent from my LG-V533 using Forums mobile app
  15. awesome thread!! we'll be on the horizon soon!!!
  16. Nice review!! Quick question, is the Sabor resto an upcharge venue?
  17. Lol!! I know what you are refering to!! Some folks just like complaining, even when on vacation! Its pathetic! Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Forums mobile app
  18. Love your review!! BTW that forecast app just made my day!! That room ain't small!! You guys wont smother!! If you decide to go to Jonhny Rocket, you have to take a video!!! Its mandatory;) Looking for more of this!!!
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