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  1. We are sailing on this ship in July 2018. I have also been looking for reviews and photos of this ship. I can’t believe Lindblad has not published any photos of their new ship. I have even emailed them several times and still haven’t gotten any photos.
  2. Darcys mom

    Live Report - Summit 3/21/15

    We will be on the Summit April 11, 2015. Looking forward to following your review! Which itinerary are you on? We are on the one that includes St. Croix, Dominica and Grenada.
  3. Darcys mom

    Emergency numbers for ship

    Thank you vulcan1971! That was a big help.
  4. Darcys mom

    Emergency numbers for ship

    Is it the same number irregardless of which ship? I did look it up on the Celebrity website, and it appears to me that there is only one number. We will be on the Summit.
  5. Darcys mom

    Construction of Luminae on Summit?

    Cle-guy, I appreciate your help as well.
  6. Darcys mom

    Construction of Luminae on Summit?

    We will be on the Summit beginning April 11, 2015. I was wondering how the week went concerning the dining room? Hopefully, they will have the suite dining room finished and all the kinks worked out by our sailing. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Darcys mom

    Mattress toppers

    We like to use the mattress topper on the queen bed because it helps to eliminate the crack created when the 2 beds are pushed together. Should we ask the steward once we arrive or does Celebrity have a number to call or email to request ahead of time? This will be our first Celebrity cruise. I know on Princess we were able to request about a week before we boarded and everything was taken care of before we arrived.
  8. Darcys mom

    Two dogs in a stroller on Sillouette

    I totally agree with you. Service dogs usually go almost un noticed, quietly doing there job and not bringing attention to themselves or their handlers. We have a therapy dog who visits at a children's hospital in Cleveland. He is well behaved in public, but we would never think of abusing the system and making it more difficult for true service dogs to be accepted. If we are out at a park or camping and see an owner not cleaning up after their dog, we don't hesitate to hand them a bag to pick up the mess. On a ship, we wouldn't have a bag handy, but we would have to say something. People like that give all dog owners a bad name. True service dog handlers would never want to be a bad example.
  9. Darcys mom

    To Celebrity Cruises.."official"

    Members of our roll call have not been able to register either. At the moment we only have 8 registered. I know we have a few months to go, but I hope Celebrity does as promised and gets it fixed soon!
  10. Darcys mom

    Week of Jan 5, 2015 - What ARE you doing?

    Taking a break from doing housework.
  11. Darcys mom

    celebrity summit first night

    We will be on our first Celebrity Cruise in April 2015, on the Summit leaving from San Juan. Is the Aqua Spa Cafe open for lunch on embarkation day? The menu on the Celebrity website lists salmon and chicken, but I thought I read somewhere on these boards that those items are no longer available. I had originally thought we would try Bistro on 5, but they haven't had good reviews lately. We don't really want to fight the crowds in the buffet for lunch on the first day. Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Darcys mom

    meal planning - Eclipse in 3 weeks

    Will the Aqua Spa Cafe be open for lunch on embarkation day?
  13. Darcys mom

    Pre-paid Gratuities

    If you choose select dining, you can dine when you chose vs the traditional seating which is fixed seating times. On Celebrity, if you chose select dining you must prepay the gratuities. I don't know if Royal Caribbean is the same. Hope this helps.
  14. Darcys mom

    VI Eco Tours

    Has anyone taken the Mangrove Lagoons tour with Virgin Islands Eco tours? Is it easy to get a taxi right from the dock to the tour site? We will be on the Celebrity Summit docking in Charlotte Amalie. How much is the taxi? And how was the tour? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Darcys mom

    Summit out of PR

    We have booked our first Celebrity Cruise for April 2015 out of San Juan. I thought about Aqua, but was concerned about noise from the floor above or below depending on which deck. Are there any Aqua class cabins that have decks with cabins both above and below them? We sailed on Princess out of San Juan in 2008, and we loved old San Juan. We arrived 2 days early and explored the city on foot. In addition, cruising the Caribbean out of San Juan means less sea days, which we appreciate.