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  1. The US government just banned Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean from sailing again for up to 3 months as the coronavirus throws the cruise lines into peril (Article Published April 10, 2020) https://news.yahoo.com/us-government-just-banned-carnival-155714607.html I simply posted the link rather than cut & paste the article to avoid copyright issues. This is a government news release rather than a cruise message. Please delete this if you feel it violates your rules, which I did read. Not sure if this falls within the rule exception or not. Thanks.
  2. My Travel Planner called PCL today, they said the 2022 World Cruise Itinerary & open booking will begin in about 2 to 3 weeks. The 2021 WC was opened for booking a bit earlier on March 27, 2019. Of course this is only an estimate as of yesterday.
  3. We booked a balcony for this one. It is our first world cruise, and with it being 4 months long, we wanted to make sure we wouldn't have any regrets. The price difference was fairly reasonable. Perhaps on a future world cruise, we might opt for an oceanview cabin to save a bit more, but then again, we might keep going for the balcony rooms; time will tell. The private balcony for morning coffee, an occasional meal, sun bathing (during certain times of the day), book reading, and/or a quick shot of fresh sea air sounds good for a long trip like this. I am sure we would be happy with just about
  4. I grew up in the countryside near several small towns: Greenville, Pocahontas, Sorento, and Woburn. These towns are located in Bond County, IL which is about 47 miles east of the Mississippi River. Carmi, IL is 86 miles (straight line distance) southeast of Greenville, IL.
  5. Jertom, Yes, the 108 campgrounds, included in our membership, are all owned by the same corporation, and are spread around the USA. The more we use the system, the lower our overall, nightly camping cost, since the yearly maintenance fee is the only cost going forward.
  6. jertom, The campground membership has cost us around $20K with all previous upgrades & 9 years of past annual maintenance fees, but now the only cost going forward is the $585.00 per year annual maintenance fee for up to 365 days of pre-paid camping. The campgrounds include everything prepaid (water, electric, sewer, trash, property taxes, maintenance, lawn care, etc. as well as all amenities such as pool, Jacuzzi, gym, other rec facilities, lodges, day rooms, restrooms, etc.), so that is how we save enough money to also do cruises. Got to pay to play, but campground membership
  7. I bring a laptop and use SPEEDIFY (VPN & SIGNAL COMBINER) along with CONNECTIFY (HOT SPOT). This software also works on Android phones. The VPN scrambles & secures the connection with the companion software making the hot spot. This set-up works with WiFi, Mobile Networks, and Hard Wired Lines all at the same time, and even combines the speed of all the sources together. We use this set-up while living in campgrounds, timeshares, and cruising. This will work in our cabin, on our balcony, or up on the decks, as long as we are within close proximity or line of sight. Pushing hotspots thr
  8. The earliest I could retire was age 50, so I retired on my 50th birthday. That was 9 years ago. People aren't meant to go to school for 1/3 of their lives, work for 2/3rds of their lives, then have a ten year or less retirement, but that is how so many of my family & friends lives have been working out. "Those that Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail." "Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results." "If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches."
  9. OK, a meet-up will happen sooner or later, we frequent too many of the same hang-outs.
  10. The 2021 World Cruise leaves on Jan. 17th, but we could grab a timeshare in Indio/Palm Springs during the first week of that month. Thanks for the heads up, when the time comes, I will make the reservation(s) and then get back in contact with you guys. Enjoy your two upcoming WCs, and your trip to Hawaii. Nice!
  11. This is enlightening to see these side-by-side 2020 Viking & Princess World Cruise comparisons. Since my wife & I have some different spending habits, and with the 2021 Princess World Cruise Early Booking Benefits being much better in 2021 than it is for 2020, the Viking cruise would still be nearly double the price for us. Thanks for sharing this info, it actually makes me feel better about my upcoming 2021 Princess WC now, but I will also be keeping a closer eye on price comparisons for future WCs. I see you also have an RV & timeshares, so perhaps we will see each other sometime
  12. Good for you on getting the condo during the real estate crash, and saving the most money possible. We got our RV & added greatly to our timeshares during that crash, and got some great deals. We couldn't sell our real estate at that time, so we did a Lease Option and got rid of our CA real later on while we were already traveling full-time. We took one step back and two steps forward, and kept our Eyes on the Prize. "Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful." -- Warren Buffett
  13. Wow, this post has really given me so much insight to ponder. In the future, I will be looking at Viking World Cruises with a new set of eyes now. Thanks Heidi13.
  14. Jan. 2020 is coming up quickly. Congratulations, looks like a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy!
  15. We are like you, we scrimp & save, and live within our means while enjoying life. I am the Frugal One, so my wife has to work on me to get me to free up some extra money so we can also splurge now & then. We sold our CA home at a loss to be able to get on the road traveling while we still are young enough to have quality of life. We have lived without any kind of medical insurance coverage for 9 years now & will not have any until Aug. 2020 (not by choice), we got slammed in 08/09 when the stock market crashed (nothing ventured, nothing gained), we bought our RV when 5 years used (
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