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  1. I know that the number of options definitely increases as your getting closer to sailing but not sure what determines when a particular option is listed. If you want a good idea of what is offered you might look into what is available on cruises visiting same ports that are happening within the 60 days you mentioned
  2. Yes, you can get notifications of incoming messages if you allow it in iphone settings. I was getting them on Epic earlier this year.
  3. both audio and text work well using your own cell phone and the app. I was quite surprised at the quality of the audio comm.
  4. I would be shocked if they dont show it. Every time I have been on a cruise line during big sporting events they have always aired. The only potential problem you have is if there is overlap with NBA Final that may be on instead.
  5. Sounds like I need to check out the Bliss...
  6. Just took advantage of it for a Jan 2020 Encore sailing. Combined with our double cruise next deposits and credits from the Epic in February this is gonna be an awesome vacation at a very reasonable cost...
  7. I’ve been in two different balcony cabins on different decks of the Epic in the last 13 months and both of them had bed next to balcony and pull out couch in middle
  8. I prefer 18th deck forward for my at sea sunning
  9. actually I was onboard the Epic and what we get is 100% credit of what was paid for that cruise towards a future cruise and up to $300 per person for airline change fees and depending on circumstances reimbursement for saturday night after arrival hotel although we could also stay onboard saturday night if we chose too
  10. I was on the Epic last week and found the internet to be surprisingly good for what i was using it for, like face timing, Wifi calling plus uploading pics and vids. It was great until every person on the ship started using it at the same time to try and change travel arrangements when they told us we were getting into PC 12 hours late
  11. Err, i was wide awake partying away at midnight and were not even close to Freeport at that time. I didn’t go to sleep until 2am and we were still moving...
  12. I’m on the epic right now and it looks like the prices are same as last year. Grey Goose is still under $15 as are most beverages. Very few spirits in the “ultra” premium category
  13. I was in the same situation onboard the Epic last year (and will be again in a few days), having to do a few disc board posts and replies for school and uploaded one paper. 250 minutes is plenty of time to handle those things. I wouldn't upgrade unless you have to actually do some research that will require extended browsing.
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