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  1. My apologies totally forgot to mention the numbers involved.
  2. Lol I am on the roll call and nobody has stepped up so I'm gathering Intel before I volunteer. I have played many times. In fact I believe that you are correct about La Cucina on the Jade as we were on the same TA. I like the high stakes on the last day idea. So more to the point anticipating 30 or more participating what specific venue on the Epic might work best. Thanks to all for your replies.
  3. We will be on the Epic TA this November. What is the best location to play LCR on the Epic and who would I need to speak with to get permission to play there. Obviously it would be on sea days and preferably early afternoon. First time on Epic and would appreciate suggestions. Thanks
  4. Thank you! Wonderful blog! We are sailing Southbound on the Millie next month after our 9 day DIY land tour. Our itinerary is very similar and we will be walking in your footsteps. Can't wait for your next installment.
  5. I haven't but AllTrails has proven to be a very reliable resource for me. https://www.alltrails.com/us/alaska/ketchikan
  6. You'll have better luck asking about sharing excursions on the Roll Call forum for your sailing.
  7. My first thought was Toursaver but they don't offer discounts on their Goldstar fares. They do offer buy 1 get 1 on the Adventure Class fares. Military discounts are available with DoD ID.
  8. It's possible but certainly not recommended. Most tours book pretty early and you run the risk of getting shut out. I would press the group to come to a consensus rather than risk disappointment Perhaps someone will share their experience with last minute bookings.
  9. stevejco

    Juneau Car Rental

    Same here. Your booking confirmation from Juneau Car Rental will include your rental vehicle's VIN#. You can easily check this on line to see what your getting. My vehicle was an 18 year old PT Cruiser that a previous customer gave a horrible review. This prompted me to cancel and book with Avis. Based on a good number of positive reviews I'm pretty sure most vehicles are probably ok but I didn't want to chance it.
  10. Same here. I won't go looking for it but if it finds me I may give it a try. It seems very similar to the blueberry coffee cake I make at home. I could be wrong.
  11. Blueberry Buckle is a blueberry-studded cake topped with a sweet cinnamon-streusel topping that “buckles” as it cools.
  12. Just be aware that as a US citizen the card is good for ground entry only. Should a medical emergency come up while in Canada a passport card won't get you home by air. I agree that the savings is substantial but stuff happens.
  13. Other than #3 Talkeetna it seems that they enjoyed themselves. I'm glad that they had a good time and appreciate that they took the time to post their itinerary. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea. I hope they're not crushed that you don't approve of how they spent their time and money.
  14. I can't speak about the tour as I have never taken it. You don't mention what language that this person speaks. I'm assuming that someone in your group speaks their language and could serve as a translator. Perhaps they could watch a few episodes of the deadliest catch to get some insight on Bering Sea fishermen. This would give them a basic understanding which should make some of the tour easier to follow. The Discovery Channel airs the Deadliest Catch which is shown in many countries in several different languages. The following info is from Wikipedia The Discovery Channel reaches 431 million homes in 170 countries. Discovery Communications currently offers 29 network brands in 33 languages. In a number of countries, Discovery's channels are available on digital platforms with multiple language soundtracks or subtitles including Spanish, German, Russian, Czech, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Slovene, Japanese, Korean and Serbian. In Bulgaria, Discovery has, since 2000–2001, displayed Bulgarian subtitles by all cable providers and since 2010 – with Bulgarian dubbing for some shows.
  15. Thank you very much for responding to my question. Glad to hear that your experience was a good one. Grateful for the tip on the Ketchikan tram. Steve
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