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    Black Pearl shopping

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We leave on Saturday. Can't wait!
  2. RonAx

    Early Disembarkment

    Thanks for the insight Doug!
  3. Hi All, We were advised by friends who have taken this cruise before to disembark when the ship pulls back into Papeete on Friday night so that we can catch the Friday night direct flight back to NY. We would be in no hurry to leave except that we have young kids at home who we need to get back to. Has anyone done this before and can you give us any advise to make the transition smooth? Thanks for the help! Ron
  4. RonAx

    Black Pearl shopping

    Meant to start new thread.
  5. Hello All, We will be on the Dec. 3 sailing of the PG. This is our first time in Tahiti and my wife is very excited about the prospect of purchasing some Black Pearls for our daughters and herself (of course). Any suggestions where the best place is to shop for some? I know that they are sold on the ship, but would we do better on shore? Thanks for your help. We can't wait to go! Ron
  6. Hi everyone, This board has been unbelievably helpful to me in getting info and planning my December 3rd trip on the Paul Gauguin. I am flying out from New York and taking advantage of the fact the Radisson is now holding the ship in port later to wait for the direct Air Tahiti flight from New York that arrives around 11PM local time. Has anyone done the direct flight and can you give me any idea on what to expect? Thank you!