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  1. I did try to deal with this on the next to the last day of the cruise, but they pushed me to the customer service web site when I got back. I'm not going to protest this charge with my credit card, and just chalk it up to not being diligent enough. At this point, I'm just glad our cruise got to sail as we now realize it was the next to the last voyage of Encore prior to the shut down. I'll consider my double internet fee as my little contribution to their lousy financial situation. I feel bad for everyone that has disrupted cruises.
  2. I was on this cruise too. Looks like NCL is shutting down for 30 days, so this was Encore's next to last cruise before a service break which will last for who knows how long. Our group of 4, which includes my 95 year old father and his 85 years old sister, are all in good health. Hope that's true for everyone that was on board.
  3. I appreciate the feedback from more experienced cruisers. But I do hold NCL responsible for not making it at all clear how this thing works. Yet clearly I didn't monitor things well. I may be a cruising rookie but I'm highly experience using the internet, apps, and purchasing services on-line. And yet somehow, under the direction of guest services, I subscribed for an additional $263 of services! Frankly though, getting blacklisted from NCL is not an issue. My next cruise will be on a higher class company.
  4. Ok, here's an update. I heard back from NCL and they denied my claim. They attached a chart showing that, somehow, we HAD established and used two accounts. I'm pretty sure I know how this happened. I'm a rookie so I thought that you just had one account (and one log in) for each cabin. So, we only used one log in. EXCEPT, when my app shut down and I had to re-set it, logging in with my wife's credentials didn't work. So the guy at the help desk had me log in by looking up my reservation! Now that I was logged in as me (without realizing it - and without established a new sign in for me), he had me sign up for the wifi package. I just figured it was a reset of everything. I should have figured out that we weren't having to bump each other off when we both went online. So in this case, I think both parties are culpable, and I'd be willing to split the cost. Not sure if I'll plead with them a second time, or try the credit card dispute method.
  5. One week voyage on Encore ending March 8. As a couple our intention was to share one unlimited WiFi package for the week. We didn't use anything on day of embarkation. We had 250 free minutes as part of our package. On day two I upgraded this to unlimited for the balance of the cruise. This posted a charge of 179.94 but also a credit of 125.00. So far, so good. On our next to the last day I looked over our bill and saw an additional internet charge of 263.88, posted on day 2 of the cruise. Guest services said we had purchased a second internet account, and I said no way. They claimed their records showed a purchase had been made. I asked them to look at our usage, which had to be pretty low, and explained that we would never need two distinct accounts. They didn't budge and told me I'd have to file a dispute on their website when we got home. Today I did that and got a reply that it would take 4-6 weeks for them to respond. Given all that's going on with virus cancellations etc., it wouldn't surprise me if it's longer than that. Maybe way longer. I'm considering protesting this charge with my credit card company, because there may be a time limit for doing that. Obviously I should have reviewed my charges sooner. It's a pretty helpless feeling when they say you ordered something on line, and you claim you didn't. Bottom line - a good cruise experience has been significantly tainted.
  6. On the Encore now. Everything seems normal. Haven’t seen a single person wearing a mask all week. Boarding was slow because of additional forms and health screenings. The ship did get a “deep cleaning” in Miami before departure. You see the crew wiping down things regularly, but I don’t know if that’s exceptional or normal. We return tomorrow — Sunday..
  7. I have no idea what kind of whale, other than it was big. Bigger than an Orca. and just now, saw another breach!!! two days in a row! only reason I saw it today is some guy nearby said he thought he saw a spout. We watch the spot and about 45 seconds later, a full jump and gigantic splash.
  8. About 30-40 minutes after departing Tortola yesterday. Saw something that looked a bit like a whale spout but figured it was just a breaking wave fooling me. But followed the spot and saw another, a bit more distinct. Wife locked onto the spot with binoculars and when it was about one ship length behind us, it did a full breach with a huge splash! Amazing, and makes you wonder how much of this is just missed. Somewhat related, I’m always surprised at how most cruisers are oblivious to the surroundings. Departing Tortola is some of the best scenery on the entire voyage, yet most people in the Observation Lounge weren’t observing at all. Not to mention everyone else on the ship’s spaces with no chance of a view. But, to each their own and I hope they enjoy whatever floats their boat. Who needs virtual reality rooms when you have this kind of real reality!
  9. Our first port of call is San Juan and we’re scheduled to arrive in 2-3 hours. Absolutely everything seems normal. Haven’t overheard anyone talking about the fight, but I don’t socialize that much. So far this cruise has been excellent and I’d be surprised if anything changes that. I didn’t realize how popular the drink packages have become, so my citing that as a contributing factor appears wrong. With 4000 passengers you’re going to get a few idiots from time to time. My observation is that the passengers are a great mix and very courteous. It doesn’t have the feel of a party ship at all, yet everyone is enjoying the cruise. Except the guy in the brig!
  10. On board now. This is not a great ship for sun loving adults. Outside space is not abundant. It’s probably a great ship if you like all the games, water slides, etc. Crew has been top notch at all levels and a new ship is always nice. +1 on booking as much in advance as possible.
  11. Had dinner there last night. The sushi rolls were a big disappointment. Incredibly thin slices of fish. The hamachi crudo was good. Shrimp Pad Thai average.
  12. I’m on board as well and wasn’t aware of it. However, with virtually everyone having the premium beverage package I’ve observed LOTS of “happy” passengers. A few are bound to go too far, and turn not so happy. Having a great cruise so far from our perspective.
  13. Well, CC is good for some things but others, not so much. Not a single response. C'est la vie.
  14. David, incredible review. Much thanks. I too got the 2 hour delay message for the subsequent sailing (probably everyone). Given what's going on in the world, you wonder why this happened. Any intel you can provide would be appreciated. But I'm sure hundreds of us have benefited from your posts already. A big thanks.
  15. I'll be sailing soon with my 95 year old father. There will be occasions where the time it takes to get food will be an important factor. I'd love to get a sense of how long it takes to get food at the different dinning options. Perhaps someone could attempt to rank places from fastest to slowest. Or perhaps sharing your experience with average time to have a meal at the different locations. I can appreciate that times could easily vary based on time of day, demand, etc. but any information will be helpful and appreciated.
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