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  1. I was in the Presidential Suite on the IOS (before they cut the suite in half (Now it's two separate 2-bedroom family suites). It's great for a large family. Everyone has their own bathroom. It has a HUGE balcony with a HUGE teak table on the deck, plus a hot tub. You can request to be personally escorted to the suite. I do not believe the amplified will upgrade the rooms.
  2. For those parents who are cry foul when RCI requires them to purchase tickets to watch their children at the water park, I say these are the parents who cry the loudest when their "perfect" child is injured by RCI's supposed negligence and they are nowhere to be found .
  3. We sailed on IOS in April 2019 in the royal suite. The concierge emailed me a week before departure. I told him we'd be at the port at noon and he was waiting there and he walked us on. We got our room key, got food at the windjammer and brought is back to our room for a peaceful meal before 1PM (before all of the rooms were available).
  4. Read the initail OP's post: "I stepped in and asked the concierge if she could please help my mother in law to resolve an issue." Again, it seems suspicious that OP never tells us what the MIL really said. I'm sure she was upset and made a scene. If I am wrong, I will admit it and take my lumps. The OP wants sympathy when the MIL was in the wrong. Take your lumps and learn from it. Do not try to slander the concierge with a one-sided argument.
  5. Again, the yelling part is the OP's one-sided, biased version of events. Who knows what the other side of the story is.
  6. I'd like to hear the concierge's version of events. I bet it was much different than the OP's version. Simply put, the MIL caused the situation. She should not have been in the Diamond lounge. Period. She improperly snuck in. She is old enough to know better. The OP should know better too. If the MIL had a question, she should have gone to guest services like every other non-Diamond level cruiser. She had no right to barge in the Diamond lounge and demand a response from the concierge. She did not pay for or earn that privilege.She tried a short cut and was reprimanded for it. She got her feelings hurt---which was an appropriate result. She should learn from this lesson: no short cuts. According to the OP's version, the MIL said nothing. Probably not true. What reason would the concierge have to shout, at the top of her lungs, at the MIL. Something is missing from the story. Also the OP wants to gain sympathy (to support his version of the story) by saying that the MIL lost her husband, the MIL was paying double for her room and the MIL was paying for another cruise. What relevance is that to resolving this particular issue? None. It's just fluff and a distraction. She got what she deserved.
  7. Indepencedence of the Seas has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths suites.
  8. Was on the Independence of the Seas in December 2017. There was an outbreak where 300 or so people (passengers and crew) came done with the virus. They had crew members serve you in the Windjammer. I never got it. I washed my hands a lot. However since we were in a suite, we got a 10% discount on our next cruise because one night of the cruise, they did not serve us finger food in the suite lounge. That is a deal. Using my 10% discount this April 2019.
  9. RCI should call the person who had that cabin just before the poster. Make at least one phone call. That would have the highest chance.
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