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  1. Have cruised with a Royal Carribean and Celebrity! Thanks
  2. Been on ocean cruises before but never a river cruise. My husband is never too comfortable on the large liners. We are considering river cruise - Douro/Daunbe/France - which are the best river cruise lines to consider?
  3. Don't think we met! We are from Scotland. Yes that sail away was beautiful from Dubrivnik - though I took pics from our cabin. It was a special trip for us as on our 40th wedding anniversary we sailed into bay of Sorrento where we spent our honeymoon! Was up at 5.30 am sailing into Venice as very beautiful. We wanted Aqua class but no cabins left. No huge benefits with Concierge.
  4. Yes we might have - where are you from as we met lots of people along the way. You must have booked Aqua class - we got one of last two cabins on ship - concierge but to be quite honest not much benefits. Loved that deck 10 bar!
  5. We also found most of the staff friendly and helpful but you will see we too had a bad experience with GR and someone called Lorna who looked straight past us while speaking to her. Our favourite part of the ship was the bar on deck 10 watching leaving ports and the sun going down - staff there just great.
  6. By the way - no one else on board knew but we sailed into Sorrento on our 49th wedding anniversary - this was where we spent our honeymoon - so special to us!
  7. We were on this trip for our 40th wedding anniversary. Did not have any problems whatsoever on embarkation or disembarkation but we had booked a concierge cabin. Had always been led to believe that Celebrity was 5 star - had only sailed RC before but did not find any difference. Seemed to be a lot of discontent amongst staff. Was shocked that cabin attendant and assistant were inky paid the gratuities and not fixed wage. Did not find guest relations at all good. In fact went on one occasion to arrange transport in disembarkation and Lorna at desk looked past me while speaking to her - disinterested. So saying had a lovely trip - just hope Celebrity look after staff better and also do not ask couples two days after special anniversary - do you have a special occasion when dining.
  8. Are the power adapters US type of continental - have both but want to know which to pack?
  9. Ooh 3 is quite a lot Jelayne!
  10. Thanks so much that's helpful. After a stressful three weeks of getting a new kitchen fitted - we just want to relax and not worry about what we wear!
  11. Have not seen anywhere where you can choose your table size like a table for two - not to be at all unsociable but just what we like.
  12. We are sailing next week having booked rather late because of circumstances - just wondered if there are many formal nights in an 11 day cruise? Also if you can chose your table size - prefer a table for two as a special anniversary.
  13. Had a good laugh at that myself!!! He'd better not be seen with a drunk in fact know he wouldn't be as it will be our 40th wedding anniversary!:)
  14. MarielH


    How much does wifi cost onboard and is there a good signal?
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