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  1. Also saw this cruise over the weekend. Cheapest inside £999 per person, balcony over £1600 per person for a seven night cruise. Don't think I'll be going. Pete
  2. I decided last night to book two cruises, back to back, on the Ovation of the Seas in April/May 2021 First cruise is Singapore to Tokyo followed by Tokyo to Seattle. I booked a D3 balcony on deck 7, unusually for me, I selected the cabin I wanted for both cruise. Booked under non-refundable deposit. U.S. price, including taxes $6150 (approximately £4800) U.K. price, including taxes £6610 (approximately $8470) £1800 is a lot of money to me - how can these price differences be justified? I know people say we have better protections in the U.K. but when the Oasis sailings were cancelled recently, no such protections helped us, even our travel insurance company were reluctant to pay our 'out of pocket' costs. I am really glad we have an excellent U.S. agent, who is also a very good friend. Pete.
  3. Don't know about that, TA was booked with my US agent. Pete
  4. Much the same experience for me. One phone call to UK centre to cancel Med B2B and one email to royal guest services. Both cruises fully refunded, flight costs refunded and FCC received which has been applied to Adventure in September. Two weeks from cancellation to full refunds is, IMHO, pretty well organised. Pete
  5. I received my FCC on Friday but no refund yet. I was booked on the crossing. Pete
  6. Faye G, no such thing as a silly question! I usually catch the 09:30 National express coach and have never had any issues. Southampton is normally a very quick port to leave. I let the cruise line take my luggage off for me - never been more than 20 minutes from ship to kerb. Taxi lines can get a bit long but as previous poster said it's an easy walk. Pete
  7. Hi Carol I am guessing you visit Oman on a cruise. If you are, no need for visa. Cruise line will collect passports and when it is returned there will be a stamp from Oman. Pete
  8. Not sure about the Adventure but I have had an occasional glass of Lindeman's Moscato on board. Pete
  9. mbayley@rccl.com is the company president. In the past when I have sent an email to him, someone from corporate has called me within 24 hours and they have always been very helpful. Pete
  10. Hi. I am booked on the Oasis May 5th and final payment for me is not due until March 9th, not sure when final payment in U.S.A. was due . This cruise was booked under U.K. rules which I know are different to the U.S.A. As this is the first cruise after the Transatlantic, prices do tend to stay a little higher with a large amount doing B2B Have you considered doing the Explorer May 7th - prices are a lot better. Pete
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