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  1. Hello! We are a family of 12 - 6 adults and 6 kids. Adults want to get a couple of Chill Island Bali Beds for the day. They only allow 4 people. We would get two for the 6 adults. Question is can the kids who will be at the waterpark most of the day be allowed to come to the Beds to drop their stuff, talk to the parents, etc. or is this area restricted and do you need to have your name on the reservation to hang at a bed? We will all be coming and going and just want a "central meeting" point so thought this would be a good way to do it, but if they will not allow people who's names aren't on the reservation access to the beds, we will find a different option.
  2. Thanks for this! We head to the EPIC this weekend, and I have friends staying here at the Airport Hotel after a late arrival. Looks decent.
  3. Thanks!! We head out on her on the 16th of Feb. (One week from tomorrow!) Looking forward to hearing more!
  4. We have a total of 64 people in our group next Saturday for the EPIC cruise out of San Juan. Many are first time cruisers. How strict are they at the dock when it comes to scheduled boarding times? We have smaller groups of 6-10 that want to head over together and board together, but some have 12:30 pm boarding and 2 of them have 3:30 boarding. Will the two be sent away until 3:30, or are they pretty flexible with the scheduled boarding? I've seen it both ways, but didn't know how it would be in San Juan at the Pan Am pier. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks!! Cruisers are looking to see if there is any special "outfit" they need to pack! 🙂
  6. Good to hear!! I read this on another review and was hoping it was as good as it sounded! I'll be in San Juan 3 nights pre-cruise by myself, so looking for some great places to try.
  7. We sail Feb. 16th out of San Juan. We have a big group (60 passengers). Wondering what the current themed nights/parties are onboard so that we have the appropriate party wear/gear! Can anyone who's been on recently give us an update?
  8. Thank you all. The one family with two small children will look into a suite.
  9. We have a group going on the Solstice to Alaska in June. One family of four is not in Aqua class because there are no adjoining rooms and 4 are not allowed in the Aqua class cabins. If they book in Concierge level ( and not Aqua) can this family upgrade to dine with the rest of the group in BLU. We've gotten conflicting info from Celebrity and need to find out if it's at all avaialble to do. Will the Concierge help them get into dine with the rest of the group? Thanks for any help.
  10. Crazy expensive for 2020 compared to previous years! I've got 125 people sailing on Feb, 16th and the prices are over $800 out of Chicago! Yikes. We too are waiting and hoping that Southwest saves the day!
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