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  1. 22 minutes ago, Dajbman22 said:

    It's not roped off, so there would be no issue of the kids coming and going from the beach bed area. 

    I can't comment on what the roaming servers would say about more than 4 people sitting on a bed at once (I'd imagine they wouldn't care), but there is nothing stopping you from using the bed(s) as a meeting point. 

    Excellent!  Thank you!

  2. Hello!  We are a family of 12 - 6 adults and 6 kids.  Adults want to get a couple of Chill Island Bali Beds for the day.  They only allow 4 people.  We would get two for the 6 adults.  Question is can the kids who will be at the waterpark most of the day be allowed to come to the Beds to drop their stuff, talk to the parents, etc. or is this area restricted and do you need to have your name on the reservation to hang at a bed?  We will all be coming and going and just want a "central meeting" point so thought this would be a good way to do it, but if they will not allow people who's names aren't on the reservation access to the beds, we will find a different option.

  3. 1 minute ago, dexddd said:

    Has been a thread about boarding there.  First trips not good with congestion.  With a little more feedback, it seems it has gotten better. Been watching cams and later has been better.  Look for sweetnspicy thread on page one as I believe she was on Epic.

    Thanks!  Search came up empty.


  4. We have a total of 64 people in our group next Saturday for the EPIC cruise out of San Juan.  Many are first time cruisers.  How strict are they at the dock when it comes to scheduled boarding times?  We have smaller groups of 6-10 that want to head over together and board together, but some have 12:30 pm boarding and 2 of them have 3:30 boarding.  Will the two be sent away until 3:30, or are they pretty flexible with the scheduled boarding?  I've seen it both ways, but didn't know how it would be in San Juan at the Pan Am pier.  Any thoughts?

  5. On 9/18/2019 at 8:02 AM, LittleYiaYia said:

    Our favorite place for mofongo is  Punto de Vista on the rooftop of Hotel Milano on Calle Fortaleza.  Look at the reviews on Trip Advisor. 

    Good to hear!!  I read this on another review and was hoping it was as good as it sounded!  I'll be in San Juan 3 nights pre-cruise by myself, so looking for some great places to try.

  6. We have a group going on the Solstice to Alaska in June.  One family of four is not in Aqua class because there are no adjoining rooms and 4 are not allowed in the Aqua class cabins.  If they book in Concierge level ( and not Aqua) can this family upgrade to dine with the rest of the group in BLU.  We've gotten conflicting info from Celebrity and need to find out if it's at all avaialble to do.  Will the Concierge help them get into dine with the rest of the group?


    Thanks for any help.

  7. We have the Hyatt Place City Center booked for a couple of days prior to our NCL cruise in Feb. 2020.  I know NCL uses the Pan Am pier/dock and it's very close to the hotel.  Does anyone know if we can walk to the pier for embarkation, or do we need to take a taxi over?  It looks like an easily walkable distance, but I am not sure about the roads/walkways, etc.  

  8. I imagine some "adult fun" is frowned upon in the pool and should be confined to one's cabin.




    LOL.....yes, we will take that into consideration.


    Thanks for the responses! Like I said, we will not all be together, but there are a lot of us who just like to hang out and have fun together so hoping for some good "pool" music, cold drinks and great conversations.....with possible dancing mixed in if the music is right!

  9. My husband is a cocktail aficionado/amateur bartender/fan of good spirits mixed well, and likes to find a bartender who will make his drink *just right*. So we spend the first few hours trying our favourite drinks in various bars in hopes of nailing down “our bartender” who can make a perfect drink! A few extra tips and a little chatter and that bartender becomes our go-to for the duration of the cruise.


    We didn’t do it intentionally at first, but now it’s pretty much check-box number one on our list! Plus it’s a great way to explore the ship at the same time!!


    This is awesome. I might adopt that tradition!!

  10. We enjoy finding the out of the way, many times very local restaurants and bars that are usually so much better than the touristy places - and many times less expensive.


    In looking at St. Kitts, I just stumbled across one such place that is called "Sprat Net" near Romney Manor. I was looking at the location of Romney Manor on Google Maps and saw the pin for this place. It looks right up our alley, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of this place or others like it that may be some little hidden gems???


    Considering just hiring a driver for the day and exploring this type of thing.

  11. We will be cruising with approx. 125 adults. Which area is more "fun" for adults during a day at sea, the Spice H2O area or the main pool area.




    I'm looking for music, liveliness, fun, etc. I know that any pool games, activities, DJ or live music is probably going to be in the center pool area, but is the Spice H2O a fun area as well, or is it more "quiet" because it's adults only.

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