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  1. Probably put into Punta Langosta arriving that late but it's possible that you wind up at PM - check with the ship schedule at Cozumel Insider. For restaurants, I can suggest Rolandi's - great sunset and very near PL. Check the sunset time and make reservations for about 30 minutes prior. For a romantic dinner, try Casa Mission - cabs are available right outside for the ride back to the ship. Nice romantic vibe with good food - check the reviews. Guido's is always good - romantic too with a good wine list. Sorrisi is another romantic Italian spot downtown with very good food. Enjoy the town without a bunch of tourists!
  2. I'm wondering about getting wine with dinner on Sunday evenings in San Miguel - anybody got any experience with that? We'll be on Coz in less than three weeks and I guess I'll get the DL then on all this new stuff. Reef closures, new booze rules - what else?
  3. Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease - it affects brain corals. SCTLD has hit south Florida pretty hard recently and apparently showed up off Coz back in 2018.
  4. Yep - I'm very familiar with all those reefs. Got hundreds of dives there. My beef is that a lot off folks are gonna be crammed into a much smaller area. This will give me an opportunity to see the stuff up north though and heck, I'll still be on Coz. . . . and that ain't bad.
  5. Wow - I get to Coz on 4 November and leave on 10 December. Don't want to sound the way it sounds but godalmightydamn! At least I'll be where it's warm, the people are nice, and the food is good. I'll be trying the dive site out up on the north end of the island.
  6. The brief that I received from Aldora states that the closure is from Punta Palancar to Punta Chiqueros and begins 7 October with an indefinite duration - but with tests being done in December and January to measure the impact of the closure upon the reef system. There will be a huge impact on the reefs that are still open in that more folks, divers and snorkelers will be concentrated in a smaller area. I'm heading to Coz the first week of November and will be there for five weeks so I'll report my observations later.
  7. Thanks for the replies . . . I haven't been to the Galapagos yet - this trip will be in the future. I'm still trying to get views on specific liveaboards that operate in the area because that seems to be the way to dive most effectively. For now, I'll be training on negative entries and the use of reef hooks while on Coz in November and December. Thanks again - if anyone else has any other input regarding liveaboards that operate in the Galapagos, please relate your experience.
  8. I think we'll have to agree to disagree.
  9. I think that the scuence is pretty well established that certain chemicals in sunscreens are deadly to corals - even in minute doses. While I agree with you that temperature rise poses a potentially more harmful long- term threat to corals, why not do the FEW things that we as individuals CAN do to help the ocean environment? That would involve personal choices regarding sunscreen use.
  10. Not to be argumentative but if you find yourself unable to wear sunscreen that won’t kill marine creature, maybe you should stay away from the ocean. I’m getting tired of seeing coral die as a result of uncaring humans.
  11. Anyone with experience diving liveaboards there? Thinking of a January/February timeframe and 10/11 days as opposed to a week. Opinions on operators welcomed - accomodations, operational aspects, staff, cuisine, etc. Also, please let me know how you would rate the difficulty of the diving itself in terms of current and water temps. Very familiar with drift diving and the currents around Cozumel and St. Lucia. I have a 7mm suit, hood, and gloves - don’t like the stuff but I have it. Never used a reef hook and line or done a negative entry but I can practice that stuff the next time I go to Coz. Any pointers are welcome. Thanks!
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