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  1. thank you, ,that brought me to tears---she was my first in 88--since then iv been on 16 more hal ships---:D
  2. maxie99

    Retreat Cabanas on the K-dam

    :) _ same here _ i luv the retreat cabanas, I all ways book them on the NA and the Eurodam__. I settle in and I can do my reading ,writing, and do a little watercolour painting and leave my stuff there while I do other things,,:)
  3. maxie99

    Will Brexit affect UK cruise ports

    - wow- you have just made me tear up,, of course, it is in our DNA--:D
  4. -:eek:-OMG, your story was giving me a heart attack--iv gone through something similar but not that bad--looking forward to this cruise with you guys:D
  5. --:eek:-- I would have luved to be on the Zaandam's bridge at that moment- to see the reaction of the crew--holy moly--:eek:
  6. maxie99

    May 21 Nieuw Amsterdam sailing food porn

    Ohh ,, i really needed that,,working 7 days a week right now, and no time to shop for food,, so im getting creative and using what i have in the pantry--thks-- joani
  7. :)- just wonderful,, :)--
  8. maxie99

    ms Prinsendam Sail-Away May 17, 2016

    the last time I saw her leaving from here was Jan. 2015-- I was waiting to get on the NA the next day-- I was at the Marriott on the beach and had the best view--and I kept on saying "she really looks like a floating jewel "-- ill be here to watch her leave again- :)
  9. -:)-:)- that's fantastic, now if HAL would consider a way or choice to have a table and chairs in the retreat cabanas,- I thought about sneaking them on when the guys are getting lunch orders, but I can see it now ( "cruiser kicked off ship for rearranging furniture" )---:)- joanie
  10. maxie99

    Koningsdam Retreat Cabanas

    :cool:-so true
  11. maxie99

    Koningsdam Retreat Cabanas

    OH, your right OVgirl,, did not see that,, when I was on the Eurodam this Feb. the storm going to and the day in Key west, was really bad, and the winds would have shredded those curtains,, but the walls on the Eurodam held okay, so much so we had a birthday party in one ,, it was a wild ride and lots of fun --:D
  12. maxie99

    Koningsdam Retreat Cabanas

    same here:(