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  1. I'm really looking forward to this!:cool:
  2. Depending on what is ordered, it either comes all at once or in 2 trips. We loved dining in our suite after coming back late & tired from an excursion - not having to dress was wonderful. The meals delivered were hot and excellent. No extra charge, except tip - There was nothing special done - the meal was delivered and placed in our cabin (we were in Alaska in May, so it was too cold to eat outside). The dishes were removed by the cabin steward after we were done.
  3. Our docs say 3 formal nights on a 10 day Volendam cruise.
  4. Have a great cruise & work experience - you have the right attitude and I am sure things will go well for you! It's always nice to experience new things! :)
  5. Wow, Hawaii on HAL is definitely on my list now! Thanks so much for your honest review.
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