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  1. Ncl sent an text saying for us to come to the port after 1pm. Its going to chaos tomorrow. Prayers to that family!!!
  2. Hmmmm, you may be right. I think the cabin appears to have more room with bed by the door when beds are separated. Unfortunately, for me, I have no clue what the set up will be for my cabin. But with both these pictures I now know what to expect. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.
  3. You are awesome. ..I desperately needed this pic. ( well not desperately but I wanted to know REALLY badly) thank you
  4. Dry docks/ refurbishing should be apart of maintenance and already budget. They should be doing that anyway. Lets say they removed the charge for vibe, extended it and made that area adults only 24 hours. Or even added cabana beds to the spice area on the away ships. Maybe extending coverage hours to the kids club areas. Bring back 2 for 1 happy hours. Show movies on the screen at night, have pop corn. They can find small things to improve the passenger experience. Welcome aboard non alcoholic rum punch served in the atrium on embarcation day. A little goes a long way.....
  5. That is an excellent observation regarding Regent/Oceania. I have not heard that mentioned before. I dont sail them but i wonder if they have seen any changes in the last 11 months since the Del Rio takeover? If they have then i think i would feel better that he was making sweeping changes across the board. Unless Regent/Oceania doesn't need the improvements. I know they are all inclusive so i wonder what areas he could increase profits? NCL is easier to do because its basically al la carte. However, (regent ) i dont think he will remove room charges from fares and begin charging nor remove prime rib from the menu and add it back with a la carte pricing. If he even tried it his passengers would have a fit lol they should. So why do it to ncl passengers i wonder.... 99% funding the 1% hmmmm Again. Great point.
  6. You cannot decide what a persons decides to complain about. You cannot tell a person what they should and should not complain about. That is not your concern. There state of mind is not your concern nor is it your problem. this is a discussion board....purpose to discuss. I don't like what a lot of people say including you. But i wont tell you not to say it. The only things i can do is not read the thread, put you on ignore, or join the conversation and give my opinion or thoughts. I will NEVER tell anyone that im tired of you saying xyz, or you complain non stop about xyz. Because i cant control them or what they say. I won't devalue their comment because i disagree or tired of hearing it. cruise critic is a is a forum. Only the moderators have the power.
  7. You cannot control what a person wishes to put on a forum. You can only control you. Therefore, if it is bothers you then what you and anybody else needs to is by pass the thread, use your ignore or join the conversation. We have the right to say whatever the hell we want to say. If i want to gripe and nick pick every hour of every day that is MY right , but what you wont do is give me a damn guideline or your rules because you don't like it. Who are you???????????? so i as long as i am a paying customer, i will rant and rave until my hearts content and it damn thing you can do about it except NOT read it nor post to the applicable thread ..that is the only thing in your control. In other words change what you have the abilty to change. That works both ways. If i dont like some, i will keep it moving, or i will post my comments or opinions Now if you or anyone want me to find another cruise and you want comp me losses, then i will do so... if you not. ..then please take a seat.
  8. are you assuming people who drink booze, those cruisers are broke, and cant afford to cruise if they raise the prices? Are you also saying that" the booze cruise crowd " are not the type of passengers you'd rather not spend your time near whilst on vacation? Who are you considering the "booze cruise crowd ", please describe? Why should they not be allowed to cruise on the same ship as you , since you want to price "them" out? Why are they less than you because of how they chose to spend their time enjoying their vacation? The overtone of your posts sounds a bit disconcernting, therefore more clarification is needed since you put it out there.
  9. You all are tooooo funny...im dying laughing #tears! ! I dont care what nobody says..i love ncl boards. I would cruise with most of y'all anytime! ;)
  10. I would agree with you. Its my envy which is causing me too see things that are probably not their. Yes you pay big, big dollars for first class and dont be ashamed of it. However we were talking about class oriented things. I jokingly made my comment about me personally hating on the first class pax. I thought i was being fecious, but i guess not..lol i know full well how much is paid to live the first class life. Im not expecting anyone to feel guilty or apologize for paying it. Why would i. You worked for it and if you want it, get it and enjoy it! Let me hate and live through you... *joke*
  11. You do have a legitimate beef. I definitely understand where you are coming from. Is Oceania's elite lounges in public areas or is it like NCL where everything is only access through key card private entrance?? Just curious as to the setup. For me, it effects me more with the airlines when I fly coach. When boarding the plane, I have to by pass all those people [first class] sitting in those big comfortable leather seats, roomy leg room, nice soft blankets awaiting. Some even having there first cocktail at 7am, with the [perceived] smirk on their faces, as if saying" it sucks to be you...enjoy coooach!"Even worse, I have those friends who like to update to let me know how much they are enjoying the admiral lounge while awaiting their flights:rolleyes: So yea I agree with you COMPLETELY! Down with the classism's!!:D:D
  12. LOL . that is why I asked first because I really was confused. I don't want to label anyone or assume anything. On a forum, its hard because a person may type one thing and mean another. So its best to ask, rather than to jump to conclusion and be wrong and looking crazy!! :D So I genuinely was trying to figure that one out. Apparently, im syrup slow this morning on my comprehension skills:D Thanks for explanation. I now understand perfectly what you meant.:D I will say that all the folks that I have met that were Haven guests, were the nicest and friendliest folks I have ever met. So its probably why I didn't connect the dots at first, because you don't have that "air of superiority" when you are onboard as you would a QE2. Everyone is the same [to me]. If I didn't know about the Haven amenities(rest, pool, lounge) I would assume everyone was "regular" do to the overall atmosphere of the ships. I think NCL gets major points in that area for creating separation, but not separate, if that makes sense. But others may not agree.:D
  13. Ok. Once i thought about more i came to that same conclusion. ..it took me a second. .then i remember QE2 separates you by class so im assumed the reference was the haven.... I had my Monday afternoon ahh haa moment. Thanks you all for letting me know i was on track.
  14. Please excuse my ignorance. I did google 'class-oriented' and I don't understand what computer programming has to do with cruising?? That was all I can find regarding that terminology. Assuming, computer programing is not what you meant, Can you explain what " class-orient" in reference to your statement means? thank you kindly.
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