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  1. Enjoyed your review! We sail the Gem next Saturday. Wanted to know about the self assist. Do recall what time that started? Also, is there some sort of laundry day on the Gem? On Carnival, we could get a bag of clothes done for $15. Oliver
  2. Thank you all for the replies. 'Bout what I expected. Has anyone been on the Grandeur recently? Did I read that it has had a major overhaul? Oliver
  3. I am considering a Bermuda cruise out of Baltimore next year. Does anyone out there have experience with balcony dividers on this ship! Will they allow the dividers to be opened? If not, what about connecting staterooms? Can you get two balcony rooms that connect? And how DO they connect? Oliver
  4. Great Video. Enjoyed it! Oliver
  5. You mentioned earlier the Seaday Brunch in the Posh dining room. That's the center dining room, the one used for ATD, yes? Do they also have traditional breakfast and traditional lunch on seadays in the other dining room? BTW, I am enjoying your pictures! We are sailing the Freedom again in October. We missed our call to Ocho Rios last time. Oliver
  6. crisperjr

    Theatre/Movies - not outdoors

    I remember The Big Red Boat also having a small theatre with early and late showings Oliver
  7. crisperjr

    Freedom Balconies

    And the divider rests against the wall like this...
  8. crisperjr

    Anytime Dinning

    Just request a table for two. We've done ATD for quite sometime now, and that's the only way I'll dine from now on. I like the flexability to go when ever we want. I also like the fact that you can request a favorite waiter each time. Oliver
  9. crisperjr

    Carnival Pride~what are your thoughts?

    We sailed the Pride back in November to Grand Turk. We had #6232. As a matter of fact there were 4 couples sailing, and we had all the balcony dividers opened. If you are interested, I made an 11 min video of our cruise (with quite a few shots of the cabin & balcony) Oliver
  10. We cruised the Glory out of New York in October of 2011. Had a GREAT time. Our weather was perfect. 80 degree days in NY, Boston, Portland Maine. A little cooler (60's in St John & Halifax) I always made a short video of our cruises, this one (which is 14 min) should give you a look at what we saw on this, what I considered, my best cruise ever. Oliver
  11. Don't like the Freeport stop. Not enough time there to really enjoy it. But Senor Frogs was a suprise to us, so we took advantage of it!! Enjoy your next Pride cruise! Oliver
  12. I use an older version of Adobe Premier for my video's. Thanks! Oliver
  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Oliver
  14. crisperjr

    Considering Norwegian Gem

    Thanks for this. I agree about the staff on a CCL ship, "serviceable" is a perfect way to describe it. How about dining? Are they all "sit down" restaurants? Is there a buffet? We prefer being served. Oliver
  15. crisperjr

    Considering Norwegian Gem

    Another question... What is this "White hot Party"?