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  1. Based on the photo, looks like a separate conditioner. Thanks
  2. Does anyone happen to know if I can expect separate shampoo and conditioner? If it’s an “all-in-one” I will need to pack conditioner!
  3. Sailing on the Bliss on September 15. Got upgraded today to a spa mini-suite for $130pp. I'm so happy!!
  4. Thanks everyone! How do I sign up and pay the $10 each so hubby and I can text each other on the ship?
  5. Sailing on the Bliss September 15th and hoping for a good show!
  6. Hi friends. I am wondering what we can do with this app if we are in airplane mode on our iphones. We are Canadian and will not have phone service while in Alaska. If we decide we want to sign up for the $10 per device service, how and where do we do this? TIA!
  7. Our minimum bid was 130. We bid $165 each and are keeping our fingers crossed. I wonder why your minimum bid was so much lass. We are going on the Bliss Sept. 15.
  8. I tried bidding on an upgrade today for the first time. September 15, Bliss Hoping to go from a mini-suite to a spa mini suite My bid is low but my fingers are crossed!
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