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  1. Yes we certainly enjoyed spending it hehe, the staff in the shop were very pleased too lol. I asked for a discount on our large purchases but they said they could not do that but offeted us some freebies instead. We gpt two beach bat and ball sets, 3 big sample perfume boxes including lady 1 million. Then we got our guarantee stamp on our receipt in another shop. The shop we bought from rung ahead to make sure we got more freebies which included 2 hats and 2 glass pouch cases. We tried the casino method with the slot machines but either it wasn't working or we just could not get it to work. On a side note I asked two staff members how to register cruise cards with the casino and they did not know either But Im sure there must be a way to cash out through the casino by buying chips as the obc could be used at the casino slot mqxhines, but the cash out element does not seem to work at the slots. Hopefully we will get another chamce to try again one day lol. We just need to find another bargain cruise with msc now to replace the magnifica one we had from southampton to genoa at the end of october. Are there any similar itenaries around? If there are will they get cancelled due to covid? Thats the big questiion isn't it?
  2. Just to update this thread, we were recently on the Virtuosa and instead of the £250 per cabin obc we too got £250 each (including both kids)! Unfortunately, we were not so lucky when it came to.cashing out. Reception said it was non refundable and also the msc app confirmed so too. So here is what we did........ We did a bit of window shopping a couple of days before the end of the cruise. At the same time we kept checking the cruise activation temrinals right up to the last night tp see if we could cash out. When it became clear we could not do this we bought some some gifts from one of the shops. My advice is either get yourself something nice you never would normally buy or get something popular to sell online like electronic goods or jewellery. It is worth also noting that even if you are lucky enough to ever be able to cash out obc of any kind that you may be tempted instead to use the obc to buy goods or services as you get points for purchases made on board. In our case those purchases have lifted us from classic to silver voyager club members. Not amazing extra benefits I grant you but a gold to diamond uplift might tempt some to have a big shopping spree. As a side note if you are tempted tp sell your purchases when ypu get home check online prices before you buy anything on board as some bits the shops sold on board were cheaper than at home but many were more money - even different products from the same brand differed from being cheaper to more money. Or you could just blow the lot on black at the casino!
  3. Has anyone heard about the press reader app, which msc has a partnership with? I vaguely remember trying to use it a couple years back on the Seaside but without a wifi package it didn't really work. There is more info here: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/on-board/internet-apps/press-reader-app It looks like you do not need a wifi package but you do need to pay a one off charge, but it does not say how much that is? EDIT - Just remembered there is a trick to get it free from your local library and then just download and read your favourite magazines or newspapers to read offline before you sail or when you get a 4G signal. Here's the link with more details: https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/pressreader-app-3312362
  4. Haha, am happy to let others on here do the retorting. I just find rightly or wrongly whatever your opinion on a subject is that if it comes across in a way that winds others up, the huge temptation is to get into a pointless argument over it. It's best I find to ignore what upsets you and just make.your own points that you want to make as some.folks just thrive on conflict sadly, not saying this is the case here btw 😁
  5. @stuart2468 Thank you, if she is half as good as the Seaside am sure we will have a great time! 😃
  6. Glad you are enjpying the Virtuosa, we sail on her this Saturday, btw has everyone on this thread got a 12.20 boarding time?🤣 On a serious note to the 99% of people myself included these boarding times are first world problems, but please guys spare a thought for those like my daughter who have special needs and being able to board at quiet times and/or quickly can make a huge difference to their mental wellbeing. So that is another reason to stick to your times as you may well.be helping out those less fortunate than yourself.
  7. @ziggyuk Thank you for staring this thread and all the tips ypu have given us all, it is much appreciated! I don't expect a nice obc surprise although I will check all the accounts now just in case. If we are lucky, what I will do is try and use the casino to cash out the secondary accounts (if that is possible still) and keep the obc that is on the main cruise card to buy a few bits before cashing out anything left over at the end of the sailing. That might avoid the daily charge breakdown being removed from the other cruise card accounts? As a side note we have extra obc (only a small amount) from.when msc dropped their prices and that obc is unevenly distrubuted between the two adult passengers, so we will definitely have to see what happens with that.
  8. Virtuosa has a soft serve machine at one of the bars by the pool. It even includes free toppings, but it is only free for kids on the kids drink package.
  9. Yes that is the only big draw back which I totally get as my better half is partially deaf and prefers to lip read. She hates using her hearing aids but I think she may well have to use them more than usual. I know that is not the answer for everyone so I wonder what is without breaking covid protocol? There must be a work around? EDIT: I don't know if this helps but on land staff who are required to wear a mask by law can remove them at a safe distance in order to help a deaf person lip read etc. Heres the link: https://rnid.org.uk/coronavirus-response/face-coverings-how-the-regulations-apply-to-you/
  10. Just to confirm for those worried about not being able to spend all their OBC you can 100% cash out like the OP whatever OBC you have left at the end of the cruise. I found confirmation here on their site: https://www.msccruises.co.uk/itinerary-updates I took a screenshot aswell just in case they change this policy.while I am onboard.
  11. It's so easy sometimes to just cricticise a cruise line but I thought I would praise one important aspect of MSC and that is how well they protect their staff. If you watch a few YouTube videos of the Virtuosa sailings you will notice all the frontline staff who interact with passengers a lot seem to be wearing white masks. These masks I am pretty sure (although not 100%) are PPF3 masks, which are the best around. The NHS only give these masks to their staff if they are working in one the high risk covid wards. So, if my assumption is correct despite all of msc's short comings this has to be a very positive thing to know. I for one will be wearing one of these masks while on board my sailing as msc only give passengers the blue surgical masks. As with anything medical this is just my opinion, do you own research and make your own decisions when it comes to medical matters.
  12. @step78 where aee you seeing that information? When you log into your msc account via the main site or if you login via the msc for me app? The reason I ask is our accoint states the repo obc then below the name of all 4 passengers but on the app it looks completely different. The obc amount is in bold then repeated im normal font......all very confusing. I guess we will find out when we get onboard.
  13. I finally found where msc.say in their t's & c's that they can change your cabin number. Its clause 14.2 Now, if it is classed as significant change then you are entitled to compensation. How much I don't know but you can bet your bottom dollar that our move from a midship cabin to an aft cabin will not be seen as a significant change, even though it is when you have a young child with special needs that needs a.cabin near a lift. Anyway, lets hope.msc sort this mess out eventually.
  14. thats for the heads up, its not often msc screws up in a passengers favour lol.
  15. Speaking of fantastica guys, am pretty sure I am right in saying this, but an inside located right at the back (literally) is a bella cabin and not a fantastica? So, looks like we have been downgraded experience wise (in part) too as we got moved from midship fantastica inside to a bella aft?? I have heard folks say that in the t&c's that msc can change your cabin number but for the life of me I cannot find this stipulation when i try and read through the t&c's myself on their site. Am I going blind??
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