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  1. I think the freedom is what they enjoyed most. We would find us a spot to sit and they would just hang out at the pool or the hot tubs for hours. I was a little more cautious at first but my husband kept telling me "where are they going to go?" They would check in with us every so often. There was one crew member that my daughter really become fond of. She is very social! We definitely can't wait to do it again!
  2. That's funny! They are very persistent! It wasn't as bad in Belize but my kids were shocked at how pushy they were in Cozumel. My daughter had seen a few kids on board the day before with braids so she already knew she wanted it done. I was hoping to get it done on the beach, but was glad we didn't wait because we didn't see anyone else doing them the rest of the trip.
  3. My kids loved it!! I really thought that they would want to go to camp but they never did. They loved just hanging out on the lido.
  4. No USB ports :( We only had one outlet in the whole room. It was under the mirror. I ordered something to plug in that had extra plug, USB ports and a night light but because the outlet was positioned under the mirror and upside down it did not work. We made do. We left all of our phones except mine on land! I only took mine so I could take pics.
  5. We just got home from the Glory on Sunday. It was 7 days out of New Orleans and is was me, my Husband and our two kids (11 and 9). This was our 2nd cruise and the kid first. Prior to this trip I had read very mixed reviews about the Glory. I am going to give my review and please feel free to ask any questions. Embarkation- We were scheduled to be at the terminal between 11:30-12:30. We arrived around 10:45 and parked in the terminal garage. We were cruising with out birth certificates and getting through that process and checking our carry on (some sodas for the kids) was quick and easy.
  6. They did email me back and say closed toe shoes are needed in order to drive the Polaris RZR
  7. Well that is kind of what I was thinking. And I took a picture of the description that shows minimum age of 8 to snorkel. So even if they change it I have the proof that it was different when we booked it. She is tiny for her age.
  8. I emailed them and also asked something about the snorkeling portion of the excursion. Only because it isn't mentioned in the description and no on mentions it in their review but it has a min age to snorkel. So I asked if snorkeling was included. They sent it back that said yes with a highlighted portion that said min age to participate was 8 but min age to snorkel was 10. Well that conflicts with what the website description says so I just emailed them back again!! We'll see how this goes. My daughter is 9
  9. Thanks. I was on carnivals site and could not find the email address
  10. No but i’m Going find that info right now. Thanks
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