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  1. Ha! We were not thrilled with Chefs table..and were able to make a change to Manfredi...but a 9 reservation..which was later than we wanted. When Manfredi opened that evening we went and spoke to the matre’Di..who suggested we stop back in an hour. We did and were seated immediately. Always seems to work out...attitude and approach are important.
  2. I also have a great fear of heights. We are just off a 15 day cruise on the Star. We had a cabin on deck 4 ...mid ship. I wanted to be near the atrium if any rocking started..I always think safety in numbers and there are always people in the atrium! We were blessed with great weather and only moderate movement towards the end of the cruise..otherwise it was lovely. I amazed myself by even visiting deck 8 ( while we were in port)! Have a wonderful cruise!
  3. Ps. I did wash on the ship...laundry detergent scent was there..but not overwhelming.
  4. I’ve never been on a WC...but just off the Star for 15 days in the Caribbean.... i purchase magnetic hooks at Walmart ...they were great for hanging my nightgown/housecoat during the day....for my “pool” cover up... I also bought along a bathroom nightlight. Viking does have a bathroom nightlight... but the running lights that go along with it on the outside of the bathroom were far to bright. Snacks! Pretzels are something we have found are not sold world wide! Clothespins....they help with the small clothesline in the shower! We asked our room steward the day we boarded for additional hangers...he bought us 15 lovely silver hangers! I wouldn’t waste luggage space with hangers. Wishing your parents a great cruise!!!
  5. Yep...just show your passport. It was a very swift process. From drop off in NYC...to having champagne in hand aboard the Star...15 minutes...!
  6. Finding luggage coming off the Viking Star last week was very easy! All luggage was under your designated color sign. I have never disembarked so swiftly. In Miami..be aware that u will have to wait for elevators in the terminal if you carry off luggage...otherwise..there was stairs...about 20 steps. Much easier!!
  7. jucaha


    Hello. Just off the Star repositioning cruising the Caribbean. We had lobster one night...about 1 1/2 lb (u could eat 2 if u wanted)...and hen had lobster thermodore another...both excellent.
  8. Just an FYI....check your account on your tv screen in your Cabin. As your cruise nears he end..they automatically add gratuity...about $15. Pp per day. If you don’t like that amount...feel free to go to gurpest services. They will set whatever amount you want...increase or decrease!!! No questions asked. We also like to tip those who had been helpful a little more....
  9. We also have a guarantee room on the star in 2 weeks. Having not received our documents,I called Viking. Was told cabin assignment will be done on board. I thought we would know when final docs weee sent. I’m slightly anxious. 🤔. What tags for luggage will we get so they know what cabin?
  10. can anyone tell me about picking up passengers off princess ships at the Brooklyn cruise terminal? Is there good signage/directions? Can we pull right up to terminal? Do you know what would be a good time to pick them up (to avoid airport transfer traffic). Thank you for any all advice
  11. Thank you all for your responses!! Never cruised the carribean...
  12. as a US citizen sailing out of NYC to several Caribbean islands...is it necessary to carry our passports when ashore? I’m worried be my husband is going on a snorkeling excursion without me...and can’t take it under the ocean with him!!! :rolleyes: Suggestions?
  13. When I see that this is a “perk” in a PV cabin...does that mean I can use my personal cell phone to make calls? I know I can text n FaceTime with the free WiFi on the ship....
  14. jucaha

    One day

    we will be in Aruba for one day on Viking Star....what should we do? What shouldn’t be missed? I love to search for sea glass..and I hear it is plentiful in Aruba.
  15. We did the land cruise with Princess 2 years ago. For “formal” nights My husband wore docker style pants and golf shirts and I usually just wore a shift style dress(cause that’s what I would wear out to dinner at home,too). Days of suits, tux, and gowns is gone...on Princess at least!
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