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  1. It's definitely walkable. When you leave Tijuana make a right and just keep walking :). You'll see the ship ahead of you and there is a wide sidewalk so you shouldn't have problems with your luggage.
  2. We're limited first of all by the dates we can travel. DH is a university prof and I'm a librarian, also at a university, so we can only travel when school's not in session. Because of church commitments we can't travel during Xmas, Holy Week (which is a long holiday week here) or Thanksgiving. So that leaves the first week of January and the summer. The second thing is departure port. We've been on about 11 cruises (nothing compared to what some of you have under your belt!) and all but 2 (Alaska and Western Carib/Panama Canal) have been out of San Juan. For us, these Southern Caribbean cruises are a relaxing, no-brainer vacation. Don't really care which islands we visit. It's all about taking a week to disconnect, read, relax, sleep. The third is cruise line. Our favorite is Princess, but since it left San Juan we're cruising on RCCL, our second favorite (the difference between the two is negligible, really). We did Carnival twice, many years ago, and won't do it again. And our only bad cruise experience was on Celebrity, so even though the prices for the same week were several hundred dollars less for this coming January, I really didn't feel like giving them a second chance. So Royal it is :-)
  3. Ah! Learn something new every day! :-) Hope he finds what he's looking for.
  4. Sorry if I'm completely not understanding this, but what coins would be available in a bank here in PR that are not available in the US? :confused: Collectible/antique coins from a dealer are another thing, but US currency?? Inquiring minds want to know! :)
  5. Oh no! :eek: Of all the things we talked about this never crossed our minds! You'll have a great story to tell at Halloween :D Glad it worked out ok in the end :o
  6. You made me laugh, Lauri! :D I do tend to use a lot of shorthand and sometimes I even want to say these out loud :rolleyes: I concur with Aviator's excellent response, and you know, I had no idea that the Gallery Inn has that place down by the beach. I worked in public health for 20 years (until 2009, so not that long ago!) and we had many outreach programs in La Perla and the public housing projects. Any time we needed to go visit the participants, we had to clear it with the gatekeepers and get escorts to the meeting place. Anyway, go and enjoy the cemetery and everything OSJ has to offer! :)
  7. When you come down the access road, the entrance to the cemetery will be directly in front. La Perla will be to the right. You wouldn't be able to go into La Perla if you wanted, because they have gatekeepers or sentries, KWIM? You'll probably see some young men hanging out where the road goes into La Perla. They won't interact with you, they're just "there". I've been to the cemetery many times, during the day of course and not by myself, and I've never felt threatened in any way. Just keep walking straight ahead and go through the gates. HTH!
  8. Glad to be of help! Hope you have a wonderful time. :)
  9. When you're at the trolley drop off point looking at El Morro, look over to your right. Walk to your right on the sidewalk that borders the grounds, towards the Neurobiology Sciences building, and you'll reach the road to the cemetery. There will probably be lots of cars parked along the side, and you'll go by the entrance to an underground parking garage. Keep walking downhill (watch for cars because it's quite narrow) and will go under the old city walls. The entrance gate will be just in front of you. Enter these coordinates on Google maps to see where the road starts 18.468451,-66.119017 Hope this helps you visualize it better :) The cemetery is beautiful, really worth a visit if you're into old graveyards. I can't pass up the chance to visit a cemetery anywhere!
  10. They're both in safe areas, and both would require a taxi ride to/from the pier. I don't recall the exact time for the Summit muster drill, but I think that you'd be safe with either. If you go to the 4:30 in Condado, figure about 45-60 mins for Mass, a short (5 minute) walk to Ashford Ave to hail a cab, a 15 min ride to the ship, you'd be back on board around 6. For the 5:15, again figuring about 1 1/2 hours for the whole thing puts you back before 7. Maybe someone who's been on the Summit recently can chime in with the time for the drill. HTH!
  11. The 7pm Mass at the Cathedral is too late for your departure (you'd still need to catch a cab after Mass to get to the Pan American Pier). Instead, I'd suggest Stella Maris in Condado, which has English-language Mass at 4:30 on Saturday or San Francisco de Asis in Old San Juan, in Spanish at 5:15 pm.
  12. It's about a 15 minute cab ride and it's easy to get a cab back to the ship. If you do a search here you'll find more detailed info. HTH!
  13. Actually, none are close to OSJ. Carolina would probably be the least far, so to speak, but you'd still need a car. If you go to the Costco store locator page you can pull up a map with all 4 locations in the metro area. HTH!
  14. We don't. Well, at least half of us don't :D. What we are is a territory of the US and as such we celebrate the 4th with the usual fireworks, parade, cookouts, etc. :) July 4th is a major beach day here and many people take off the days before or after (depending on when it falls during the week) to make it a long holiday.
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