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  1. How far in advance before the sailing does Disney announce which sailings of the Magic will have the Marvel at Sea Days? For those sailings that do not have the Marvel at Sea days, do they have Marvel characters at all on the ships for the meet and greets, or just the standard Disney characters?
  2. We've recently sailed the Fantasy, but are considering the Magic in 2021. For those that have done the Magic(or both), did you feel like there was not as much to do when going from the Dream/Fantasy to the Magic? Also, I know there's no minigolf, but I do see pictures of Ping Pong, and I did see a video showing a Foosball table. Can anyone confirm if those items are on the Magic? Typically what night is Pirate Night on the 5-day Magic Bahamian Cruise?
  3. Has anyone done this itinerary recently? Pros/Cons? Also trying to decide if starboard/portside room would offer better views at the different POC(Key West, Nassau, and CC). Thanks!!!
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