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  1. Valley Girl of VA

    Our Day in Montevideo and City Tour

    Info about the port area and our city tour: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/09/
  2. Valley Girl of VA

    Best Penguin Excursion?

    I was in the Falkland Islands this past February. I believe all the ships were able to dock but it is good to have a back up plan. Here is my blog post on Patrick Watt's tour. I believe on some sailings for next year he has already filled up. I would ask to be placed on a waiting list. Here's the link to our adventure that day: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/08/
  3. Valley Girl of VA

    My day in Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes

    It was in February
  4. If you are stopping here on your cruise, you might want to read my blog about my tour in Peninsula Valdes: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/puerto-madryn-argentina/
  5. Valley Girl of VA

    The Falkland Islands and our tour with Patrick Watts

    We were there the third week of February. Hope you have as much fun as we did jane
  6. Valley Girl of VA

    Exchange Rate $ to Euros Onboard

    I do agree with much of what you say and I use my credit card to get the points as much as I can. Many of my Chase cards, not all, are fee free but there are some times where I have to use cash. In Argentina, the cab would only accept Argentina pesos. In some of the local markets, it was cash only. Some excursions was cash only - not credit card. Trust me, I am a points hoarder but there are times when I need cash so I use the Schwab debit card to get the cash - not to pay a vendor with it but to get cash to use the cash.
  7. Valley Girl of VA

    Exchange Rate $ to Euros Onboard

    I suggest to many that they open a Schwab bank account and get the fee free ATM/debit card. This is the card that I use when traveling all around the world. Before I leave the country, I limited how much money can be withdrawn in one day, in the event of loss of card. My husband has his own card and I bring another back up card, just in case. I agree with several of the posters that it is best to pay in local currency. The only country where I was asked was in Singapore. If you choose US dollars, you do not know what conversion rate they will apply.
  8. Valley Girl of VA

    Which bike tour operator in Buenos Aires?

    We found a mixture. We had one cab who would only take Argentinian money and nothing else. We ordered a cab from our hotel who would take a cc and friends had one that took US dollars
  9. Valley Girl of VA

    Which bike tour operator in Buenos Aires?

    We did not find that taxis were a problem when we disembarked in BA this past winter. There was a desk where you could sign up for a taxi by the number of people. it was on the port property. Of course you could go off property and probably get something cheaper but I didn't want to do that. You can also hire a private car to pick you up and drop you off where you needed to be
  10. Valley Girl of VA

    The Falkland Islands and our tour with Patrick Watts

    Thank you. I post pictures of us so you can see what we wore for clothing. Everyone wants to know how to pack for this trip.
  11. Our latest blog entry on the Falkland Islands: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/08/09/the-falkland-islands/
  12. Valley Girl of VA

    Fjords, Glaciers and Cape Horn

    Continuing with my South America cruise blog: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/08/08/glaciers-fjords-and-cape-horn/
  13. Valley Girl of VA

    Help with So.America Itinerary

    I did Peninsula Valdez and wish I hadn't. You are so far off in viewing any wildlife - on bluffs looking down. I am so glad that we went to Volunteer Point in the Falklands to see them there - absolutely no comparison. IF I were to do it again, I would go to Punto Tombo
  14. Valley Girl of VA

    Help with So.America Itinerary

    The 4th ship is Magellan's Victoria - hence the name Nao Victoria What we did: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/08/06/punta-arenas-chile/
  15. Hope you enjoy this blog post. If you are enjoying these blogs, please consider becoming a subscriber. https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2018/08/07/ushuaia-southernmost-city-in-the-world/