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  1. We love the aft cabins. It is generally quieter as fewer people will pass the cabin. It is, however, a long walk from the aft to the nearest lifts on S class ships. Yes it helps burn the calories but is no fun if you need to just pop back to the cabin to get something. Also, after dinner and dancing, and maybe a beverage or two, the hike is sometimes less than appealing. I usually take my heels off for the walk. I would still choose aft, and that wide view anytime!
  2. We recently sailed on the same cruise as Jorrie, and I second everything mentioned there. We embarked in Barbados, and there were no lines and no waiting. We were straight off the bus and onto the ship, where we were given a glass of fizz, then taken to our room by our butler. Talking to others who have sailed the newer ships in the YC, they felt that the smaller sized YC on Preziosa and her sisters was a superior experience, more intimate and special. I can’t comment on that. The pool deck was lovely. Never crowded, and very attentive staff to bring you drinks, ice creams and fruit sticks. There is a light breakfast and lunch buffet, and very good burgers, pizzas etc can be ordered. The pool is quite small, but adequate for a cool off. Two hot tubs, always with space. The Top Sail lounge was a wonderful place to spend time, for a light breakfast, coffee, and of course pre and post dinner cocktails. The wait staff were wonderful and quickly knew our names and drink preferences. Don’t miss the evening selection of delicious chocolates. We found the walk to the restaurant no problem, and it provided a bit of exercise. It was interesting to walk back through the ship on Deck 7 (I think) after dinner, and experience the different vibes in the bars, and live music around the ship. La Palmerie was pleasant enough, although sometimes there was a bit of a wait for a table. The food was fine, although sometimes what you got wasn’t actually what you were expecting! We didn’t starve, and there was a relaxing atmosphere. The best bit was putting your card in the YC slot, seeing those doors glide open and entering your sanctuary! And those golden stairs!
  3. Hi, we had a Aurea suite on Fantasia a couple of years ago, and it was the nicest room we’ve had on a cruise, and we’ve been on quite a few. The ship itself we thought was lovely. Beautifully kept and sparkly. And we particularly enjoyed the fact that there are so many different bars and lounges to try, with live music everywhere. It’s easy to find a venue that suits you. The buffet and dining was fine. Not the best at sea, but we didn’t go hungry. we have just enjoyed another trip on Preziosa. Just as good. I think the fact that people embark and disembark at different points is a big plus. No huge queues or crowds trying to get on or off, or go to muster. And very multicultural. Go with a positive attitude, and I’m sure you will enjoy it.
  4. Thank you everyone. That’s really helpful. 😀
  5. Hi, we are sailing the Eastern Caribbean next month. First time in the area. Will we need specific currencies for the islands we will be visiting? These include St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent, all of which use the E Caribbean dollar. Will US dollars be okay?
  6. Don’t forget the wonderful detailed reviews by deladane, currently reviewing the Dream right now.
  7. Hi Dana. I can see them and I’m in England! I’m looking forward to another of your very engaging reviews. I am off to the Caribbean next week for the first time in my cruising life, and am looking forward to trying out some of those beautiful beaches. Reading reviews like yours have provided so much useful information, so thanks for that.
  8. Mike I am so sorry to hear this. I too never met you properly, although I remember a brief encounter on Silhouette out of Venice when you were determined to photograph the sail out, but were running late for dinner! I feel I know you both from your wonderful website, which I keep bookmarked for ideas and return to frequently. i was so impressed at how Carol coped on her Travelscoot with your adventures, particularly in the Italian hill towns not that long ago. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
  9. I always make a point in my post cruise survey of mentioning that a small shelf would be useful in the ladies toilets. I use a small clutch bag in the evenings without a strap, and would like somewhere hygienic to put it. I’ve never had any feedback. I guess it’s not a priority.
  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I have looked forward to reading about your travels every day, and am sorry to see it end. I will miss you and your lovely family! Looking forward to the next trip. We are coming to try out the Caribbean in April for the first time. Most of our cruises have been in Europe, so this will be a different kind of adventure for us. We hope to try out some of those lovely beaches!
  11. Three and a half hours from Civitacecchia to Rome?...No way is it that long Boodgem! An hour and a half is average. 40 minutes by express train, which imo is a better option.
  12. We did Singapore to Hong Kong on Celebrity Millennium, then flew to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors, the flew back to Beijing for a few days. It was memorable. If you feel you need to book this around a cruise, I think that’s the best way to do it. You need more than a day there.
  13. We recently sailed with Silversea after many years of cruising ‘mainstream’ lines. It was an outstanding experience. No upselling, everything included, no photographers, no squirting hand sanitiser, no x ray machines, wonderful food, all staff knowing your name from the off, respectful fellow guests, suitcases taken away and cleaned etc. Guests were clearly expected to behave responsibly, and did. Incidentally the optional hand sanitiser was a wall mounted machine which delivered a fine spray, not a gloopy mass. Interestingly the thing that stood out most for me was the fact that once on board, there was no distinction between guests. No special areas, special lines or obvious special treatment. Also the wonderful cruise director had an office in the main reception, and his door was always open. The whole experience was really lovely, but for us most definitely a one off experience unless we got a very good deal! (I can dream...) You do indeed get what you pay for. .
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