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  1. Hi Cynthia. No, ours is a Celestyal Cruise, out of Athens, visiting ports in Ancient Greece and Turkey. Never sailed with them before, but the ports were interesting.
  2. We were so disappointed to have our first Azamara cruise cancelled. We were going do the Croatia intensive out of Venice, and so looking forward to it. We have now lost four cruises to Covid 19. I’m not holding out too much hope for our remaining one to Greece and Turkey in October, but you never know.
  3. We watched this and enjoyed it. Any chance to virtually cruise is taken at the moment. 😀
  4. We have cruised for a few years now, but only just last year visited the Caribbean for the first time for a week’s cruise out of Barbados as part of a TA back to Southampton. My husband took a while to persuade, as we aren’t really ‘beach people’, and kept hearing that it was quite risky on some islands to go off exploring. We loved it. Our favourite was Grenada, but we really can’t wait to go back and see some more islands and include a proper resort stay. Any recommendations? We met such lovely people everywhere, and the sunsets were amazing. We have lost three much anticipat
  5. Dawn in Glacier Alley on Infinity. We got up at 4.00 a.m. Very few people around. It was freezing, but oh so beautiful.
  6. Hi Noreen. Thank you very much for an entertaining review. I think yours was quite possibly the last one in existence on the boards, and I am pleased you have spread it out a bit to make it last longer. How I miss all the photographs and tales of people’s cruise trips!
  7. Thanks for your interesting report cruiseerf. We are loyal Celebrity cruisers, usually in standard cabins, but we took a Silversea cruise last year as it was an interesting itinerary that appealed, at a good price and I had always wanted to try the line. We loved the fact that once on board there were no ‘no go’ areas, no evidence of status or class, and everyone on board was treated exactly the same. Food and service was wonderful, the cabin and facilities excellent. We loved the dressing up, interesting fellow cruisers, classy entertainment and generally feeling very special. Not
  8. This is a charming review mimmy52 and I am enjoying reading about your experiences very much. Thank you for taking the time to do it.
  9. Ooooh my first ever Caribbean beach. Deserted. Everything I dreamt it would be! Morne Rouge, Grenada.
  10. What a lovely idea for a thread. I have enjoyed everyone’s experiences. there have been many standout moments for me through cruising, but I fondly remember being dragged out of bed by my DH at 4.a.m on our cruise from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires on Infinity. We were passing through Glacier Alley. It was freezing cold, and no one was about, but as the sun came up and hit the tops of the mountains, lighting them in gold, it was unforgettable. the joy of cruising is that it takes you to places you have only ever dreamt of going to. Cruising Ha Long Bay in Vietnam was also memorabl
  11. We have always enjoyed Cellar Masters on Eclipse as a quieter option for a post dinner drink. The Martini Bar is not our thing as it is too loud and shouty. We would be sorry to see it go as there are no other options if you don’t want noise. Often we were the only people there.
  12. Two gentlemen who brought a large fully dressed stuffed teddy bear to dinner every night. It’s clothes changed according to the dress code for the evening. It had a chair pulled out to be seated with great ceremony by the waiters, and a napkin spread onto its lap. It had a place laid, but never ate anything.🙁 It appeared at the bar later on it’s own stool.
  13. Also will follow with interest. We experienced 21 nights in YC on Preziosa for less than the price of 14 nights in a standard balcony on X (on some trips). We were mostly very impressed, but then, we are not used to the suite life on X, which may make a difference. i have also sailed ‘in the back’ on MSC, and would hesitate to do so again.
  14. I have been looking forward to your review Norris, and can’t wait to see what you thought of the Norwegian Fjords. Regards, Alison.
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