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  1. last cruise I tried to order a grasshopper and a pink squirrel, they were clueless......ended up with a kaluah and cream which was fine, not a big drinker, don't do soda, so we will do one fluffy drink during the day on sea days, and one in the evening, bringing my own green tea bags to throw in a bottle of water........and what ever is free at meal time......
  2. ordered a grasshopper last cruise and they did not even know what it was, no pink squirrel either....
  3. I have always loved the Voyager and Freedom class ships, just big enough to run with the big boys, but small enough to handle. Remember you are on vacation, go with the flow, be happy, nothing is ever perfect, but it's better than sitting home in a blizzard. Have fun!
  4. So what happens if you have a early shore excursion, does that trump the key or are we screwed if key peeps want to go first?
  5. Same thing happened to us, crusing on Adventure August 31, 2019, 9 months out, and early was waitlisted, (hubby is hypoglycemic, so cant wait till 8:30) I waitlisted early, but booked mtd at 5:45pm everynight, so we are good which ever way it shakes out. Good luck.
  6. Texas does have some weird liquor laws, we couldn't get a drink on Liberty until we were out at sea, unless we chose a few specified labels, and the charge to bring any back negated the saving you got in other ports.
  7. You can get plastic luggage tag covers for your cruise specific tags on amazon (search cruise luggage tags for RCCL), that way they are protected from rain, and ripping off, or cover them in clear packing tape before you affix them to your bags, and put them on your carry ons as well, less chance of loosing them!
  8. Lisab I am with you on this one, I tend to book my cruises when the kids are in school, I like kids, and mine have cruised with us before, but I also like cruising when things are calmer. November 5 you will have kids who are home schooled, and those too young to be in school, but the majority of American kids are in session at that time. Hope this helps.
  9. Lol, true dat, thinking I would much rather be in steerage anyway. I am on my 6th cruise because I love it, not for the perks!
  10. Christinand, I just booked mtd at 545 everynight of our cruise in August, traditional early seating at 530 was completely unavailable.
  11. Really disappointing, might as well put the gates back up and separate us by class again, not much fun to be in steerage eh? Disney and many others already do this, money is power.......
  12. My husband and I have mtd for the first time this cruise because early seating was not available, hubby needs to eat earlier rather than later, I don't mind a table for two, but love talking with others as well, will see how it goes.
  13. BillOh, I do the same thing, just after final payment, double points on rccl purchases! And within the 6 months, it's a win, win! And then I don't feel guilty about my fufu drinks!
  14. I got a confirmation yesterday of my request, cruise is not until August, so may not get a response quite as quickly, but at the very least they got it.
  15. Thank you, just requested the extension cord and water on RCI special needs form. Will see if that works, also a place to indicated other needs on form which is kind of nice.
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