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  1. The testing for travel to Hawaii is to be done by one of the approved by Hawaii labs, mainly CVS pharmacy due to it's 1400 locations around the country, and then the currently being created paper work would be electronically transferred to the airlines involved. You show your ticket to the pharmacy and they enter it on a site, perform the test, and the results are sent to the airlines involved. There was no mention of whether or not they will inform you of the results. Then the airlines decide when you get to the A/P whether or not you fly. Still working on the details if you are turned aw
  2. Now I'm even more bummed about our cancelled cruise on the Ruby last Mar. I see that our favorite CD was going to be there, Callie. We had such a good time with him before. I do hope he returns to Princess when they start cruising again? Perhaps he will be on the Emerald next Mar. with us, if that one does not get cancelled? We had the two in Mar. on the Ruby then three re-bookings for Sept./Oct. all cancelled now. A new re-booking on the Emerald next Mar. and one on the MSC Divina for just before the Emerald and it was now cancelled this week. This is getting old but what can one d
  3. Ahoy All, Mahalo for the replies. We called MSC this morning and asked about this among other questions we had. They said that just like on Princess with Any Time you walk up and say "two to share" and you will be put at either a 4, 6, or 8 person table. So, that sounds great to us. We were not looking forward to just being at a 2 or 4 person table each evening. Now if we can just get the website to work easily, way too confusing too us. I'm sure MSC will block us from calling for help in getting all registered soon. LOL Then we booked our hotel through booking.com and
  4. Ahoy All, Our first time on MSC is next Mar. on the Divina. We have opted for the Area Experience and one of the items mentioned is Dine Any Time. How does this work? Can we just walk up to the M/'d any time at all and get seated or do we have to pick a time at the start of the cruise and that is it for the duration of the cruise? We normally cruise Princess and their Anytime Dining is just walk up when you want at a Dining Room that is Anytime and get seated shortly. We like to share all meal experiences and meet other cruisers and have formed many friendships around the world this
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