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  1. Family is doing Jewel of the Seas eastbound 16 day Panama Canal and was wondering if anyone had the cruise compasses they could share.
  2. My husband and I continue with the old tradition of formal wear and dressing for main dining room on other nights. To us that is part of the romance of going on a cruise. We do not have many occasions to dress to the 9's so like to take advantage.
  3. Can it be applied to any upcoming cruises I have booked?
  4. I am considering adding some onboard credit for my upcoming cruise and was wondering how it is handled if you do not use it all.
  5. Was lucky enough to. Change my room to one on the 3rd floor without any additional charge. So excited now for this cruise.
  6. Would love for you to report back. Pictures would be nice also.
  7. Was told the same thing by corporate office.
  8. Spoke with RC about available OV guaranteed room and was told they cannot tell me where available rooms are located. Also was told I would have to go back into the guaranteed pool and would have to pay the prevailing rates which are considerably more expensive than what I am currently booked at. So much for checking ever now and then.
  9. Yes I'm aware of that but wanted to know before boarding.
  10. Anyone have a map of the muster stations on Jewel? I'm looking for W11 specifically.
  11. Yes it is a bummer. Just never expected Deck 2. Will not do this again. 😩 Have resigned myself to our room assignment and will make the best of it. Looking forward to the cruise and all the new things we will see. Not long now.
  12. We have never stayed in a porthole room and are not looking forward to this one.
  13. Porthole is stretching the "Oceanview" definition a little thin.
  14. Sailing March 2019 to Panama Canal on Jewel. Got my guaranteed ocean view room and it is 2028 right next to the elevators. Never had a cabin on deck two so would like some input as to noise, what type of window, movement of ship, etc. Not a fan of our assignment but haven't been able to change.
  15. We have just been assigned our guaranteed ocean view room for our March 2019 Sailing to the Panama Canal and was given room 2028 right next to the elevators. Never have stayed on deck 2 before so would like any input on this deck and room location. Not a fan of our room assignment but have not been able to change
  16. Going in March 2019 and was wondering if there was much damage to the ports of call for our eastbound RC cruise from San Diego.
  17. Thanks everyone for the input. Guess we will buy some prior to boarding.
  18. Can anyone tell me if Anthem OTS offers diet Dr. Pepper anywhere onboard. Sailing 10/4/18 and will be flying in from Texas so no way to bring it with me.
  19. We are booked for October in this cabin and would love pictures or description of the bathroom for it. I have done much research and seen pictures on other similar rooms but have found many conflicting descriptions. Not interested in hearing about other rooms in the JS catagores, just 8222. Does it have a split bathroom or just one single area. There will be two women and one man sharing this cabin so would be great if it were a split bath with two commodes and sinks.
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