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  1. Agree with the poster who said it's really up to personal preference but I wanted to share that we had a really positive experience here. We went to the Canaletto in last month on the Rotterdam - it was our first time going in a long time (several years!). We were pleasantly surprised with the menu selection, how good it was, and how authentic the food tasted. The service we experienced was also outstanding. For appetizer, we loved the Melanzane dish (eggplant), really delicious, layers of flavor. For entree, my husband loved the lobster & shrimp ravioli, and since it was Sunday, i had t
  2. No dueling pianos on the Rotterdam when we were on her last month! Also no BB Kings if you were wondering about that. The "Mix" area was still intact, though I don't remember what specific entertainment they had there.
  3. We were just on the Rotterdam last month for a Baltics cruise, and had a great time. It was our 1st time on the Rotterdam (been on the Vista class ships mostly), and we really enjoyed her (even) smaller size. The latest upgrade HAL has made is the Lincoln Center Stage, which we found we really liked - maybe bc the talented musicians did not just classical music but also modern/pop/rock/jazz songs, so it was lovely see that live. They had an almost-full house for most of their performances. There is also still a full library on this ship, which was nice to have on the sea days especially.
  4. For the OP - do you have travel insurance for this cruise? a lot of cruise travel insurance include benefits for changed itineraries, even if it's before departure. For example, we had a Nationwide cruise policy earlier this year for our cruise, and got money back from them after HAL changed our itinerary to skip a port - the announcement from HAL regarding the change was several months before sailing. I had to wait till after our cruise was over to provide our final statement to show that we actually took the cruise before Nationwide processed the claim, but getting significant money back
  5. Ah ok, that makes more sense. I think Amex creates a new website/code each time the offer is started up, so unfortunately, the old one probably doesn't work.
  6. I have gotten this offer on my amex a few times previously, but this time it's not in my account. I didn't realize a code existed! Would you mind please sharing the code in this thread? I tried to search for the older post but couldn't find it using the terrible CC search function. Also, where did you enter the code? was it on a specific amex website? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, Hoping someone who is familiar with Amsterdam can help me. We were supposed to be on the July 1 Prinsendam sailing, and were so disappointed when we heard she was leaving the fleet on that day instead! We'll now be sailing on the Rotterdam on July 1, so we'll be in Amsterdam on the morning when I believe the Prinsendam is supposed to make her final sail-in as a HAL ship. My husband and I are amateur photographers and we'd love to capture this! Figure that even though we'll never cruise on her, this is the closest we'll get! Can anyone recommend some good vantage points along
  8. Don't forget that you also get the mariner discount (if you are 3-star and above) on port day specials too! "All port day spa specials are eligible for an additional 10% discount for qualifying Mariners. Port day specials vary, and will be communicated onboard."
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