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  1. Hi twangster, congratulations on the Galapagos booking. While you did not go with Celebrity, the Silver Origin will be a great expedition cruise of the Galapagos islands. We did the Silver Galapagos Sept 07-14, 2019 Baltra to San Cristobal. The new Silver Origin is a sister ship of the Celebrity Flora. The Silver Origin is in Manta Ecuador, when is your voyage? Any expedition to the Galapagos is not to be missed. Good luck and safe travels.
  2. Silver Galapagos current location is in Guayaquil, just off a channel, could be at dry dock for renovations/maintenance. One year ago today we embarked Silver Galapagos in Baltra for a great 7 day expedition. The ship was fantastic re the tours via Zodiac and kayak, amenities and dining were very enjoyable, the fauna and flora are why you go. The new Origin will be spectacular and I hope the Silver Galapagos gets a new life!
  3. Silver Origin has left dock in Manta and is sailing a close route near the port. Aug 26th 6:07pm local time speed 6 knots. A little practise before the trip to Galapagos??
  4. Silversea website has first Origin cruise in Galapagos islands Sept 19 2020!! I hope it sails and if so a review would be great for many who are looking forward to this Origin Expedition Voyage. Sept is the Dry season, enjoy as we did in sept 2019.
  5. Silver origin at Gatum locks on way through Panama canal. Destination is Manta, soon to be in Pacific ocean on way to Galapagos. Ship tracker time in Panama is 4:23 pm.
  6. We did the Zaandam Buenos Aires to Antarctica to Valapariso Jan 2014. There were 4 days cruising the Antarctic Archipelago which was Spectacular. The farthest south Latitude was 65 with Antarctic circle at 66. The Chile coastal cruising is similar to Alaska with glaciers to view. Antarctica was so much more re ice, snow, mountains, glaciers, and wildlife, penguins, seals, birds, fish, whales etc.
  7. Silversea Origin is in Tenerife, where it has been for a few days. Time to head to the Canal? First voyage: August? September? October? September is the dry season as we did voyage A in Sept 2019.
  8. 80 days after request on April 14th, refund posted to charge card today July 03 20. This was for a cruise and land journey to Yukon and Denali Alaska Jun 20-30th. Last Cruise was Silver Galapagos Sep 05-15th 2019. Could be a great last cruise for a while! Happy July 04th.
  9. Thank you all for the info on the Silver Origin, what a spectacular Expedition ship for the Galapagos. Now if only Silversea would do a lottery for past Silver Galapagos passengers to do the repositioning to the Galapagos?? I am glad the Galapagos is covid 19 free and ready to open up July 01 2020.
  10. Hi hubofhockey, and congratulations on the Silver Origin. If not for Covid 19 you would be on the Silver Galapagos now. We did the Silver Galapagos sep 05-15 2019, itinerary A. When is your new voyage date and itinerary? As it is an Expedition your new ship will enhance the already great experience. There were 2 zodiac excursions, one in morning and one in afternoon, plus others for snorkelling and kayak. Enjoy the new ship!!!
  11. Thank you Zaandam for a great South America/Antarctica cruise. The Ship and passengers survived the Drake Shake. They have added Zodiacs to the Maasdam but not sure if they get much use! Possibly after drydock the Zaandam will do some Zodiac/expedition voyages?? We will stay tuned for developments.
  12. Zaandam, Thank you to all Crew members current and past. We enjoyed a spectacular Antarctica/South America cruise in the past. The Zaandam survived the Drake shake. We salute the Compassionate Mariners on the Rotterdam for their assistance to the Zaandam. Good luck and best wishes to all passengers and crew on the Zaandam and Rotterdam.
  13. Hi ejsnyc, Good decision to stay with the veranda on the 5th deck and save the 2500 for another trip. We did a Baltra to San Cristobal in Sept 2019. We were in cabin 345 and down the corridor were two grandparents and their 12 year old grandson. They had no problems with the cabin and 3 excited voyagers. A very shore excursion busy adventure with snorkelling and kayaking added on many days. Enjoy this trip of a lifetime.
  14. So glad Mitsugirly got to do scuba in Roatan. Once the specialist cleared you there was no holding you out of the water. The dive company was dedicated and helpful with your limitations. When getting around on the boat use a Galapagos handshake, forearm to forearm for good support. The video by hubby on the go pro is great, the blue tangs you all got to see and Sakari photo captured. He is very comfortable diving and the go pro video is a bonus. Sakari took some colourful pictures once the mermaid was free from her minder. The Bubbles/jellyfish picture is one she can work with at ho
  15. Zodiac Questions: how many ports have Zodiac excursions, what is the cost, do you land on the islands, are landings dry or wet? We have done Zodiac excursions in the Galapagos islands off Silver Galapagos, great experience and adventure. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you
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