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  1. Zaandam, Thank you to all Crew members current and past. We enjoyed a spectacular Antarctica/South America cruise in the past. The Zaandam survived the Drake shake. We salute the Compassionate Mariners on the Rotterdam for their assistance to the Zaandam. Good luck and best wishes to all passengers and crew on the Zaandam and Rotterdam.
  2. Hi ejsnyc, Good decision to stay with the veranda on the 5th deck and save the 2500 for another trip. We did a Baltra to San Cristobal in Sept 2019. We were in cabin 345 and down the corridor were two grandparents and their 12 year old grandson. They had no problems with the cabin and 3 excited voyagers. A very shore excursion busy adventure with snorkelling and kayaking added on many days. Enjoy this trip of a lifetime.
  3. So glad Mitsugirly got to do scuba in Roatan. Once the specialist cleared you there was no holding you out of the water. The dive company was dedicated and helpful with your limitations. When getting around on the boat use a Galapagos handshake, forearm to forearm for good support. The video by hubby on the go pro is great, the blue tangs you all got to see and Sakari photo captured. He is very comfortable diving and the go pro video is a bonus. Sakari took some colourful pictures once the mermaid was free from her minder. The Bubbles/jellyfish picture is one she can work with at home. Congratulations to you and the family. We know the dive will aid your recovery from the injury. We look forward to your pictures and more of the review.
  4. Zodiac Questions: how many ports have Zodiac excursions, what is the cost, do you land on the islands, are landings dry or wet? We have done Zodiac excursions in the Galapagos islands off Silver Galapagos, great experience and adventure. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you
  5. Nynewfies is so ready for the Nov expedition. We wore shorts for all the wet landings, first on was on first full day in morning, lots of photo opportunities of birds. I found shorty wet suit cool in September, cooler than nov as Rachel G and sugar 333 note. Shorts on other days also as 2 shore excursions per day, and zodiac was extra and 2 opportunities, snorkelling also extra and some days 2 more opportunities. A beach day with bathing suits and white sandy beach, had sea lions and a sea lion pup, a few days old. The sun came and clouded over but I noted back of my legs pink on calf from walking. Changed to tan. A wide brimmed hat with string/strap under the chin is a must, re sun and wind, Windy on zodiacs. If I can figure how to attach pictures I will try to post some. Anticipation is almost as much fun as the trip. No the trip is way better.
  6. Hi nynewfies, you will really enjoy your Silver Galapagos expedition. We are just back from Sep 07-14th Baltra to San Cristobal, A itinerary. Shore snorkelling is ok but I did find the water cool at 68 degrees, dry cooler season. The kayaking has you get in 2 person kayak off the Zodiac, the guide and driver hold the kayak to the side of zodiac, legs in while holding rope and slide down into kayak. The kayak is quite stable in the seas. You keep back from shore so waves do not take you too close to shore. The expedition is busy and up early, breakfast and off on excursion, can be 1.5 to 2.5 hrs long. Wet landings usually go off side of zodiac in a few inches to a foot of water depends on wave action. The food is great with lots of varied sea food, we did the Grill with cook your own on hot stone, it was cool and windy, blankets and bib provided! Lots of fun. The guides, naturalists are so very knowledgeable and the Fauna are right in front of you. We were told to keep 2 yards from wildlife, but they do not follow the Rule. A DVD of video and still pictures is given to all. We just finished mounting 6 photos we took as great memories of the birds, sea lions, tortises, and iguanas. You have so much to look forward to and will be overjoyed.
  7. Thank you Mitsugirly and Family for another unbelievable review with spectacular photos. The diving in Roatan had you three down to 20, 35, and then 50 feet. Great photos and video, the purple sponges look like ceramic art. The drama of the swim through channels on video and still photos took us all on the dive! We can see why you were all pleased with the 70 minute dive. Lots of smiles by the Mermaid. Dad and Sakari on the dance floor is a time to remember. Costa Maya zip lines and lazy river makes us want to go there. Only a Nurse and cruise critic veteran would share pictures and narration on the Tib/Fib fracture! My brother in law had a tib/fib fracture with similar hardware April/2018. He just completed a 15000 kilometer motorcycle adventure. You will heal and be ok. Remember that there are many sending you healing thoughts. More adventures and review to follow.
  8. Thank you, Mitsugirly for another Fabulous review. The Freedom of the Seas port intensive schedule gave your family so much to do. We enjoyed your great writing style and photos. The Scuba adventure to the Barbados shipwrecks was another first for the family. So many spectacular photos and everyone did the dive with no problems. Good to see photos from Kendra and Sakari. This holiday trip was a well earned Bachelors graduation reward for you. Good choice on the spacious Ocean view at front of ship. We had 2 windows at front of Zaandam for South America to Antarctica. We are saddened to hear of the Family and Friend losses for Billy and Kendra. This adventure has hopefully helped ease the sadness. Over time the good memories will prevail. All the best to you with regards to your health situation. Where are you and the family off to next. Cheers to you and the family, from all of us.
  9. Thank you for the answers to my questions, this is very helpful The beach and off the zodiac snorkelling with abundant marine life, should provide a number of firsts for photo and video shots. I do have a good waterproof bag for my Lumix digital. This advice is appreciated for kayak and zodiac water splashes. We are anticipating very full activity and information days with Silver Sea Galapagos. Time to rest up when we return home, as retired. Thanks Again
  10. Hi taxare and thank you for the review and information. We are on the Sep 07-14th voyage A, as want to see Espanola and Gardner bay. This is our first Expedition type cruise and so looking forward to it. Now for the Questions? How early is an early start? Did you go kayaking or snorkelling? If so how was it? I will be taking an Apeman 80 for underwater video, the DVD had how much video and was it seals or coral and fish? What camera equipment did you use, any photos to share? The meals with lots of seafood are making me hungry already. Our flight will be from Vancouver so anticipate a very long day before arrival in Quito. Prior South America cruise to Antarctica had similar long days of travel. Silver Sea is all inclusive with air and so glad we booked this small expedition cruise.
  11. Another Mitsugirly review to look forward to. The scuba in Barbados with video link from ABQrobin has turtles, ship wrecks and lots of sea life. If you get more scuba and lots of snorkelling as usual, we are waiting with great expectations!! Have a great family Holiday.
  12. Rafinmd. thank you for the great review with narration and photos. The 80 day voyage with Antarctica and the Amazon combines two must sees. We have done Antarctica on the Zaandam and it is one of our best cruises. The Amazon is on our must see list, so it was great to follow your posts with pictures, to give us a good idea of what to anticipate. Thank you for another enjoyable review and safe Travels.
  13. Wow. thanks so much for the info and Great Picture. We previously did Antarctica and south America on Zaandam. Penguin pictures as well as Antarctic photos framed, are our lasting memories. The seal and Blue footed booby picture, will make it easier to wait for the sept 19 departure. Was the picture taken from shore or on the panga(zodiac), what camera and lens did you use? Sept is the dry and cool season, what was January like? Your picture got us excited for the cruise, sorry about the questions! Cheers
  14. Hi Fletcher and thank you for the insights on the Silver Galapagos. We have an A itinerary on Sept 07, 2019, did you do an A or B route in Jan 2019? Your thoughts and guidance on the islands and tours would be appreciated. Did you do the kayak tours and snorkelling tours, comments if yes? This is our first small ship expedition type tour and I note from your history your have done many. I have a underwater video camera as well as digital point and shoot lumix and hope to get lots of scenery and animal/bird/fish/seal/ etc. pictures. thanks again.
  15. Thank you, Mitsugirly and family for this great and informative review. You were missed and deserved a break and time off for you and the clan. The snorkeling pictures and scuba pictures are sharp with lots of colour on the close ups, Flash? It is appreciated that you name the fish etc. There are again a number of Firsts: you were very comfortable at start of the dive, Hubbies dive mask with ear covers had him really enjoying the dive, huge octopus, and Sakari with best dive and saw lots of eels. The dive with 2 instructors was beneficial so some went deep and Sakari enjoyed a dive without having to stop. Well Done and thanks again to you and the Family.
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