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  1. I got a message to change from a April cruise to an October cruise this morning. It’s lucky I did!
  2. Pam I just had a thought.....could you not get a flight from Gatwick? There is a flight from Gatwick on the day back at 13:00, getting in at 14:45. It’s an Azamara flight with transfers. Only 45 mins extra from Heathrow and not a very long wait at the airport.
  3. Lottie A

    Max di Fiaz

    My dear friend Max. My fiend since 2010. We took him out for lunch in Batumi, Georgia on The Black Sea one memorable day. We laughed a lot at our Georgia escapades. Play piano for us up there drinking a “cawfee”. Rest in Peace.
  4. That’s good to know. Thank you.
  5. I am on this April cruise as well. I know we can’t guarantee it but I really hope it goes. Otherwise perhaps we can lift and shift? I don’t really know the rules on that. At the moment Journey is supposed to start cruising the cruise before ours.....April 10th? We go on April 17th. It may be a little too close to start in April as Phil says, If we have to pay the final balance in January I am going to take the risk.I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed! I will be amongst the first to have the vaccine anyway. Let’s hope we see each other in April Pam!
  6. We wish him well in his future endeavours. A true gentleman.
  7. We have one cruise booked on Azamara, one cruise booked on another cruise line and one land holiday. The Azamara cruise is next April, the second cruise after they are due to restart on Journey. Like many others I am hoping for a vaccine by then. If a vaccine isn’t available by then we will have have to consider our alternatives. Like many others I have gotten used to wearing masks but enforced land excursions in a group would be a step too far.
  8. Well my cruise on Journey is now the second cruise out. It’s April 17th. Let’s hope we go!
  9. So have I! Keeping everything crossed too!
  10. The Spanish government have just banned ALL cruise ships from their ports for an indefinable time. Rightly or wrongly, the cruise industry seems to be taking the hit for Covid-19. CMV (small British based cruise line) have started urgently seeking a loan. Barclays have already denied them. Carnival is seeking to dispose of 6 ships. It seems that anyone who has a “weakest link“ will be vulnerable in these desperate times.
  11. The first ship’s casualties have arrived. It’s Carnival but it can only be the beginning. https://cruisemarsh.wordpress.com/2020/06/18/carnival-corporation-have-principle-agreements-for-disposal-of-6-ships/
  12. Viking has now suspended all sailings until August 31st.
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