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  1. I’m told that she will leave the fleet in September this year, very sad, but I can understand the two Cloud and Wind are a lot more economical to run now, and with a plethora of new expedition ships entering the market I guess her days were numbered.
  2. So Les am I right that the staysure insurance is not valid for Iceland ( which is a green country ) because of the current FCO advice ?
  3. I think Whisper is about to be cancelled and Shadow will do three ten day sailings around Iceland 🇮🇸 in August before picking up her regular schedule. Staff are assembling now and guarentining on Shadow and have been for some days now. There is no such activity on Whisper. Spirit also cancelled for July and August, and yes Muse heading to Alaska for limited sailings out of Seattle, this summer. tune in to Barbara Muckerman tomorrow for all the details.
  4. Has now sailed for Gdańsk, Poland, to commence re fit for Arctic and Antarctic cruising.
  5. Barbara, Is the building of the Silver Dawn on Schedule and do you expect her to cruise as planned this December Peru to Ft Lauderdale? Thanks.
  6. Many Phillipino Crew have flown out of Manila tonight to join the Spirit, this charter is clearly confirmed, although it’s only a three month contract for the crew.
  7. I think the always available is just that , and yes you can request it in MDR, but always available is perhaps a wider selection in MDR. Wine pairing dinners are possible in La Dame only, I think. Yes indeed if you book multiple La Dame, or any other restaurant for that matter, and then cancel, no problem, no cost to you, and it frees up the table for others.
  8. Yes the Crew Fund is another avenue, and I have been on many long Special Expedition Cruises where a map of the Voyage is auctioned on the last night, and all the receipts ( sometimes 2-3 thousand $ ) go to the Crew Fund.
  9. Much enjoying your comments and pictures, for which many thanks. How are you finding the Expedition Team in terms of quality of presentations/lectures and their guest interaction around the Ship?
  10. Indeed the Excellent Crew are recognised on Silversea with Employee of the Month presentations, and over the years I have been present at a great many of these on the farewell evening when the Crew Parade, and the HR Manager together with the Captain will present the Crew, sometimes more than one, with certificate and reward, which I believe is monetary. You are absolutely correct, the Crew are one of Silversea’s enduring legacy’s and greatest strength, and long may that be the case. There was a Cruise Director some years ago now who always introduced the Crew by referring to them as the ‘Ladies and Gentlemen of Silversea’.
  11. Due to the adverse weather Silver Wind will not make it to Tower Bridge , likely to Tilbury.. All ship visits cancelled.
  12. Fabian has been with Silversea for many years now, I would think 6-10 years and we knew him when HD on The Explorer before he moved onto the Classic Fleet. He is now the Senior HD and all the others report to him, he is rarely at Sea these days and normally based in Monaco where he specialises in the planning stocking etc for the new Ships as they develop. A really charming young man and imho an excellent Hotelier.
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