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  1. I've never understood the idea of the chef or waiter recommending a dish. Are they saying that the other dishes are of a lower quality ? It reminds me of something years ago; A friend of mine was travelling to the US quite a lot and had a habit of trying to imitate Americanisms when we returned to the UK. So once we were in a restaurant when he'd just returned and he asked the waitress "What's good tonight?" She looked at him as if he was some kind of utter cretin and replied "erm, well they are all good". Well, yes, that's the answer I would have given him as well.
  2. The QV is the same. There's a table in the way and the oche is a bit of tape on the carpet.
  3. When you look at it like that, it does make the package somewhat poor value when so much is not included as you say. For us, we average around $100 on pop over the course of the cruise. Some of that will be wine by the bottle and we nearly always order a bottle of port at the start of the cruise to finish our evening meal with (a don't mean a bottle a day !). I drink more than Mrs Toad, so even at our $100 a day the $69x2 package would not be worth it.
  4. That's 6 drinks you have listed. Depends on what they are of course, but let's say an average of $10, that's $60. And equally you have just listed 6 or more. Another $60. So you have both stated you don't know how anyone can drink $69. But 6 drinks @ $10 each, plus 15% comes out at $69. It's so easy to rack up that size of bar bill without even realising it, as both Bell Boy and Shuffleboard Dude have just demonstrated !!
  5. Last time we were on the QM2 there were darts available, but we also brought our own. The good thing about the QM2 compared to the QV is that you can go and play darts anytime you like because there's a dedicated area in the bar. Unless it's changed in the last few years that is as we've not been on the QM2 for a fair number of years.
  6. Since your lanyard is used for both payments and access to your room, it's akin to your wallet and house keys. And I'd not wear my wallet and keys tied round my neck with a bit of string.
  7. That's what Mrs Toad said last year on the QV - "Why am I dressing for this poor quality of food?"
  8. We had one of these once. Straight in the bin - I have no desire to sport China's finest tat.
  9. ToadOfToadHall


    I'd bring a laptop to play the DVDs and a HDMI cable (or VGA) which you should then be able to connect to the TV in the room. That way you don't need to hump a 19" TV and if you can't connect to the one in the room then al is not lost as you can watch the films on the laptop.
  10. We often go away for 2 or 3 nights in a hotel in the UK but I too don't think I'd make the effort (which would be more) for 2 nights on a boat.
  11. She was on the QM2 with us as well. Maybe the same voyage then ? It was a TA back-to-back but I can't recall the year now. I walked past her in the corridor and thought "hmm, that looks like Celia Imrie" and then told Mrs Told about it. And then there she was in that evening's daily programme. Also on the same trip I was stood next to Dr Ruth in the lift. I only knew because someone mentioned it after she's left the lift.
  12. You put "in transit" according to Cunard's site: https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/before-you-sail/ESTA_Application_Address
  13. That's a completely normal warning on a menu for a game dish.
  14. Spot on. I was thinking that earlier today as well.
  15. That's because the goal posts constantly change.
  16. That's maybe because I didn't compare those prices to Cunard, I compared them to Adammara's quoted prices in their local pub. Also, what has the size of a city got to do with anything ? Chester is generally regarded as quite an expensive city in the UK, certainly it's pub prices are higher than some other much larger UK cities.
  17. I've just checked the prices of a 250ml glass of chardonny online at what are probably the two most expensive pubs in the centre of Chester - one was £6.00 and one was £7.30. The pub round the corner from me ( A Marstons pub ) charges £4.70. I think it's safe to say that most pubs don't charge the thick in of a tenner for a 250ml glass of house wine.
  18. That was my first thought. But I have asked and I've been assured that she's not. Plus it's the only email, there's not been any of the normal booking ones.
  19. I see. So both of you have booked a cruise and had an email, whilst we're not booked one (last one was just over 12 months ago). Odd.
  20. Last night Mrs Toad received an email that purported to be from Cunard (i.e. it wasn't their Cunard email address, and Chrome warned against following the link. The email address and the survey point to a market research company). It was entitled "Thank you for booking a Cunard Voyage" and started with her full name. It then went on "At Cunard, we regularly carry out research to help us better understand what our guests want from their holidays, so that we can continue to provide you with excellent offers and experiences." I followed the link anyway to see what happened. And nothing much, all the questions seemed genuine and it never asked for any personal data. But the thing is she hasn't booked anything. Now, in a few weeks I shall be having a significant birthday so my first thought was that she had actually booked it as a surprise. But Mrs Toad assures me that is not the case. So I can only assume that they have just fired out a bulk email to anyone on their database that has in the past booked/been on a Cunard cruise. Has anyone else has such an email ?
  21. I started talking to one of the guest speakers on our first cruise and since then we've exchanged emails over the last 10 years.
  22. I've just tried using Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Opera, to see if it made any difference. To start with, in IE (logged in or not), it would not show the attachments. I managed to get it to do it by trying logging on and off both from the main Cruise Critic page and from the logon option once I was displaying this thread. I got it to work in the end after doing that a couple of times. But now, if I log off and the back on again, it all works. So I can't replicate the fault !
  23. Are we on a cruise ship ? The amount of stuff some of you seem to bring it sounds more like a camping holiday to me ! :p :D
  24. I had that problem to start with. What I did was "right-click" on where the attachment was not showing and select "Open in new tab". Then I was asked to Logon to Cruise Critic (which I already was). As soon as a logged in again I could then see the attachments (and have been to now ever since I did that). Maybe just trying logging off and back on again to the site ?
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