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  1. We have an October 2020 cruise which was just cancelled and when I go to transfer my funds to a future cruise I have booked it's starting they are unable to locate my original cruise. I confirmed on my carnival manager the booking number, date etc. but it's still not allowing me. Forget trying to call their telephone lines are down. Anyone else having issues. This was a cancelled cruise from April but that was under different booking number.
  2. We are booked on the 10/11/21 cruise on the Breeze for 5 nights, it's missing from my cruise manager and also not an option if doing a mock booking. I'll keep checking though seems from previous responses they are working on this.
  3. I've seen prior mention of people calling carnival to request an extension of payment to 1 month prior to cruise. I'd look into this before paying if possible.
  4. I noticed too the Freedom cruises for October are not showing up. We are booked on the October 18th out of Galveston.
  5. We are flying into Houston and staying two nights prior to our cruise which leaves October 18th. Fingers crossed!!!
  6. Gyms in RI are opening on June 1st and they are requiring masks, if not able to maintain 6 feet. I can't imagine that is going to be easy.
  7. In put a cabin on hold when I was cancelling one due to COVID-19. It made my changing cruises much easier since I'd already had everything setup they way I be wanted. I'm sorry can't remember how long the timeframe is for holding.
  8. Lol thanks, I actually realized that today when I mentioned to a co-worker. I haven't been to Disney in quite some time.
  9. I read an article on Disney Springs the first Park Disney is opening. They are requiring any guests age three or older to wear a mask. I realize this is not a cruise, but I thought it interesting seeing the number of guests that visit the parks. Makes me think they will be requiring masks on board.
  10. I'm just curious, if they did do testing before you get on the ship, where would the testing be done? Are we waiting in line to get tested, and if someone tests positive, what happens to the people waiting in line around them. Obviously the people traveling with the tested positive person will not be boarding.
  11. St Thomas I've never decorated our door before🤔. I'll be looking into that with all my spare time lol!
  12. Curious, do you think it's still worth it to purchase FTTF with COVID-19 and the social distancing going to be required? I know we don't know exactly what going to happen, but I don't see everyone waiting together in long lines happening. Just curious...
  13. I just checked for August leaving from Galveston and they are open for booking. Maybe try again.
  14. I'm hoping they are, we are also scheduled in October on the Freedom, rescheduled from April... Would have been leaving today!
  15. I ended up calling and rebooking. It took about 2 hours, waiting only about 15 min before speaking with the rep. She had the cancel the original, book the new one and transfer all the funds (including FCC) while I was on the phone. She stated previously they were completing a form and the FCC would be applied in 1-2 weeks, however found out they did away with the form and she had to get another rep from different department to push the FCC through to my new booking. Long time but at least it's done.
  16. Hi, I was on the breeze two years ago, has very similar spa. We had an interior spa cabin. I believe we were on Deck 11. I love it, first of instead of showing in the tiny shower in the room, I would use the showers in the spa which I think we're a floor up if that. The Tpool is awesome and wasn't overly busy. They also had heated chairs, and a couple different steam rooms. I took advantage of the spa everyday. We originally booked dream on 4/27 but I've rescheduled to Freedom in October, no fun spa on that one though. Sorry no pictures but YouTube has some videos.
  17. I'm looking to cancel my 4/27/20 cruise online and the penalty listed is $614 which should be available as FCC. My question does anyone know if the FCC is available immediately to be used? I'm looking to rebook for November. Thanks
  18. To cancel our not to cancel! If we have a cruise scheduled after April 9th and do not cancel by March 31st what are the chances of any sort of additional FCC? I'm already ready to rebook for November!
  19. This is from cruise radio. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-temporarily-halts-all-sailings/
  20. Cruise line website down (at least in my browser)...and they thought that they had a lot of complaints before, oh boy
  21. I just checked, it's still shows cruises for Caribbean in April.
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