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  1. I'm watching the 911 specials and just wondered if anyone knows what the ships that had to have been in port in NYC did? I thought someone once said they helped get people off the island? So said to watch these memorials again in disbelief still
  2. Sorry I forgot your second question about the winter weather-I don't believe normal winter weather effects the rails but I'm sure if you call Metro North they can give you more info. The two people I talked to were really informative and patient with my many questions!
  3. There were plenty of parking lots (didn't notice the cost) but if you Google Union Station, New Haven it will give you their rates by day, week, etc. I believe the lots are patrolled and secure. We used to drive to the pier as well but it's too expensive when you compare to Metro North.
  4. Just took a ride down to Union Station in New Haven to get a feel for how it's going to be Friday. I was still worried about the luggage but its not a problem at all. Plenty of room - the people we saw had a lot more luggage than we do. Easy off 91-south at exit 1, just keep following to the right. Plenty of parking areas if you're leaving your car there. Bought two roundtrip tix for total of $62 and they're for whatever time you want- trains leave about every 15 min or so. I had looked at the bus from Hartford but you're locked into times and not knowing exactly when we'll get off the ship, if you don't make the bus time your ticket says, they will charge you another $20 each. So relieved!
  5. We're in Middletown and used to drive to the pier in New York but it's $35 a day now! We're taken Metro North out of New Haven (Amtrak is more $). If you buy your tix on their website round trip is about $30 each. You can also buy them at the train station for same cost. The only glitch buying them on line is that they actually mail the tix...we're just going to get them at the station. Have a great trip!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! My pre-vacation anxiety is starting to kick into high gear!
  7. Hi all, we are taking the Metro North train out of New Haven, CT to Grand Central and just wondered if anyone ever had trouble bringing luggage on the train. We're prob bringing 2 standard sized suitcases and a garment bag with 2 carry-on's. The woman I spoke with said no problem, talk to the conductor before getting on ... Just don't want to get down there and have a problem! Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, WMQ - you are right about the parking rate - using my outstanding math abilities, I inadvertently multiplied the $35 rate per day by 9 instead of 8! $280 is correct! We haven't put ourselves on the roll call yet! We just booked this trip 2 weeks ago and I've just recently begun to check out the boards again - This will be our 8th cruise, 7th on Carnival. It's me, Lynn (48) and my husband Jeff (50) this time - we have two boys (25 and 23) - one is finishing pharmacy school and our oldest is engaged, living with his girlfriend and working so it's just us this time. I LOVE a cruise!! I'm self-employed (and a little Type A!) so being on the boat and unable to work forces me to relax! I can't wait!! We've been on the Legend, Pride and Miracle so I'm really excited to check out this ship! I used to plan a year in advance but not this time!
  9. We're taking the train in from New Haven CT for our cruise and its been awhile since we went out of NYC. We've always parked at the pier but it's $315 this time, thus the train ride. Cabbing it from GCS- can we just drop off our bags at the port and then go sightseeing? Just can't remember if you had to go in once your bags were checked in Thanks!
  10. Hi! Has anyone come back recently from this cruise (Port Canaveral, Nassau and Freeport)? I'm wondering if you can tell me who the live band was in the club? Last two times we cruised were in May and early June and there were mainly older people and they used the space for Bingo! We're leaving Sun 08/07 and I'm sure the crowd will be more our age (mid-40s) so I'm hoping the band is back! Thanks
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