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  1. How do they (or you) prove you have had it? A letter from yor GP - at a cost no doubt. What if you work in a hospital and have been vaccinated there? Sorry if this has already been asked.
  2. Yes very crazy. If its for this year, you have just booked a non existant cruise - it won't be sailing!
  3. Quality down, prices up, same as most cruise companies really.
  4. Does it really matter one way or the other if you has covid or not?
  5. Yes we were supposed to be on the Sun. Glad we only paid a small deposit.
  6. My October 3 Alaska is cancelled, no idea why a September one is still advertised. Maybe lazyness on the part of NCL web people, or just trying to raise money for refunds.
  7. Our October 3 Alaska cruise on the Sun has already been cancelled
  8. If you wore a mask onboard... I would laugh at you. Would you intend to wear the same mask for the whole cruise? Would you know the correct mask to use? Would you know the correct way to put it on/take it off?
  9. If someone is in such a way that they medically need to take a dog on a cruise, they should not be allowed to cruise full stop. There are enough 2 legged animals on a cruise ship as it is.
  10. We are on the NCL Sun on their October 3 cruise. Is this too late in the year for whale watching. May be a bit cold for use, but I don't think the whales will mind.....
  11. Use it anywhere except your cabin mini bar in the cooler.
  12. Yes thats right, its up and back down. Though like most cruises, too far from the shore to see much anyway lol
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