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  1. I loved this tour on Princess - excited to do it with Celebrity!!
  2. I hope you're having a great time!! Who is the Captain on the Ruby these days?
  3. We used Uber multiple times for our cruise in March in Fort Lauderdale and every single one of them were fantastic, honestly. The one taxi we did use was horrible. I'll stick with Uber for all my upcoming visits!
  4. Great review! I was on the week before you - and had the same kind of Pinnacle experience. So much so that I complained at Customer Service over it. We had an early seating but the service was atrocious. I am not sure what's going on there. The Tamarind was a total delight. I wish we had booked another night there. Something to look forward to for next time!!
  5. Worked well on my cruise. The only thing I wish it would incorporate is spa appointments into your daily itinerary. Nice for reminders otherwise.
  6. It may have been at the Distant Lands bar...? It was the second one in when you come in from the aft end of the ship. Not every station repeats on both sides so it was a bit confusing. She had a lovely set of options... bananas with caramel, berries, little Nutella packs that you could put on top. There were probably three or four fillings you could choose. I wasn't even hungry I was just walking by and saw them being made and backtracked immediately. 😁 They were super tasty!
  7. The Lido Market has a little flourless chocolate cake that appeared the first sea day and the second to last day and it was one of the best little desserts I have ever eaten. The made to order pasta section was really good they even have gluten free if you need it. The crepe station was also really good but go at an off time it lines up fast! Fruit smoothies in the Crow's Nest are excellent, as are the cucumber mojito!
  8. We had the opposite dining experience. The Tamarind was one of my favorite meals the whole week, and Pinnacle was just okay. The service at Pinnacle was awful. The waitress kept telling us what we should have instead of what we ordered and not in a very nice way which was quite annoying. The Hostess was missing in action at the same time the Hotel Manager arrived so there was some flustered employees and things just seemed very chaotic. But it was the only service hiccup the whole week. Otherwise outstanding service all the way around top to bottom on NS! Happy to hear that you had a far better experience at Pinnacle!!
  9. My friend and I used the laundry service on our trip on NS last week and all of the clothes came back the same day without being express service and they were done beautifully - and the opposite of shrinking, the pants came back slightly bigger! win/win 😉
  10. Good luck!! I was surprised to log in for Sunday's cruise and see that we have been upgraded from an inside to a spa verandah! woohoo!!
  11. That will go by in a flash. I feel like I just looked and mine said that, now it's 5! Happy cruising!!
  12. You had me at cheesecake lollipops.
  13. Those morning/afternoon/evening time slots only show up on embarkation day. wondering if it has something to do with when you pick up the pass... Surely they can't limit us to blocks of time. Hoping that isn't the case anyhow!
  14. Have you had a chance to try out or see the Tamarind Bar?
  15. Excited to follow along!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!
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