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  1. We are surprising our girls (10 & 13) with their first cruise this summer.  For Amber Cove we are thinking about doing the excursion to Ocean World and doing the Dolphin Encounter.  I haven't seen very many posts on Ocean World and the ones I have found are older.


    Has anyone been there that can recommend it?  

  2. On 1/13/2019 at 9:17 AM, laststop said:


    We just sailed Liberty from Jan. 6-10 and Nono was CD. I had previously seen Donkey would be CD but now appears she is there until April? But she was great. One of the most available and interactive we’ve ever had. 

    She was very good!  I agree - very available and very interactive.  The Q&Awesome she did for our sailing was so much fun.

  3. On 1/12/2019 at 10:58 AM, ProgRockCruiser said:

    OP, thanks for the review!  We sailed on Liberty in Dec 2017 and March 2018, and we had a great time!  I like the layout of the ship, and the crew were very friendly!


    I just wish Liberty did longer cruises, like a 6 day somewhere, so we could explore her more while on board.  3 and 4 day cruises to the Bahamas just aren't long/varied enough!

    I know!   There's so much we didn't get to see or do! Same with the restaurants.  We just ran out of time.

  4. On 1/11/2019 at 10:57 PM, PhillyFan33579 said:

    To the OP, Carnival has been changing older ships to digital photos during dry docks recently. Unfortunately I don’t believe Liberty is due for a dry dock any time soon. 

    Good to know that it is out there on some ships!  It's not a deal breaker - just annoying. 😃

  5. This is my fourth cruise (first on Carnival) and my first review.  When I was searching for reviews on Liberty I never saw any so I wanted to add my thoughts.


    Traveling was myself, my sister, and my mom.  We usually do a mother/daughter cruise every two years or so.  This is our first Carnival cruise.  


    Carnival Liberty - 4 day to Nassau and Princess Cays


    Pre Hotel

    Stayed at the Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach.  Great hotel.  No issues.  Great views of the ocean and very large buffet breakfast.



    Parked right at the port.  Best decision ever!!! $85 for the duration of our cruise.  Very quick and easy.  It was so nice to be able to walk off the ship and to our car.



    Very quick.  We had the 11:30am - 12:00pm time slot.  We showed up at the parking deck about 11:00am.  There was a very short line.  We sailed through the check in process.  (Make sure you have all your check in stuff done ahead of time!  It made the process very easy.). We waited in the waiting area for about 20mins.  Right at 11:30am our boarding zone was called and we were on board!



    Premium Vista Balcony - aka Aft Wrap Balcony - Deck 6

    AWESOME room!  The rooms weren’t ready until 1:30pm.  We just spent the two hours exploring and eating on the Lido deck.  Our room was so roomy and the balcony was huge!  We are spoiled now for sure.




    We did the Blue Lagoon Island Segway Safari.  Great choice!  We loved Blue Lagoon and would go back again in a heartbeat.  The shuttle over there was very good.  They kept us entertained the whole way there and back.  They took the scenic way home going slowly by the houses and resorts on Paradise Island.  Great way to end the day.


    Princess Cay

    This was our chill beach day so we didn’t do any excursions.  We did rent a clamshell shade ($30) for the day.  If you are looking for a more quiet and laid back area, head over the bridge and to the right when you first get off the tender.  They had a hamburger/hot dog buffet for lunch.  The lunch was just ok.  We didn’t eat much on the island.


    On Board

    We participated in a variety of on board activities.   We went to the Flick show (just eh.  We weren’t wowed.) and America Rocks!  America Rocks was a lot of fun and a great show.   We also went to the Hasbro Game Night.  This was a lot of fun.  None of us were chosen to go on stage but it was such a fun “show” to watch.



    The first night in the dining room we were not thrilled with our wait staff at all.  They were very inattentive.  We had the Your Time Dining so the next night we asked to be moved.  They gave us a great table with fantastic wait staff.  We sat there the rest of the trip.  We did eat at Guy’s twice.  The burgers and fries there are very delicious!  The rest of our meals were either at the Lido or the dining room.



    This process went pretty smoothly as well.  We chose to take off our luggage ourselves.  We waited from them to call our deck (around 7:45am/8am) and off we went.  We were off the ship, through customs and at our car in about 45 mins.  They were a little delayed in starting the debarkation process but the CD kept us informed all morning.



    This was my first Carnival cruise and I was pleasantly surprised.   We had a great time.  We are already shopping for our next Carnival cruise.  😃   


    The few “negatives” were the lack of shopping and sales on board verses RCCL.  RCCL seemed to have more souvenir type shopping on board than this cruise did.  In fact I only came home with an ornament for myself.  Also I do not like the way Carnival (at least on the Liberty) did their Pixel photos.  We spent so much time searching for our pictures.  You would think they would have a way to do it digitally with facial recognition.  So many people were throwing away pictures (including us) that didn’t turn out good.   We did get pictures done on formal night but we were not pleased with how any of them turned out.


    I've included pictures of our cabin.  If anyone is looking for any specific pictures or information just let me know and I'll see if I have it.  







  6. I just got back from a cruise yesterday from Port Canaveral.  The entire process was VERY smooth.  Debarkation was delayed a little bit (maybe 30mins) but the CD kept us informed all morning.  From the time they announced our deck to the time we were at our car was very fast - maybe 45 mins total.  


    Port Canaveral is a great port to sail from.  We loved it!

  7. I currently have a premium balcony (#6452) booked for our mother/daughter cruise in January on the Liberty. Prices have dropped and we can get an ocean view suite on deck 7 for the same price.


    I’ve never cruised with Carnival. I know the suite is larger (the room and the balcony) but I love the aft view of the premium balcony.


    Thoughts? Opinions?



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  8. Exactly why I was wanting to stay there. Last time we were there, we got to explore some amazing areas of OSJ and would like to continue to explore. Such an interesting place.


    We had a late flight out of SJU after our cruise so we used that day to explore OSJ. We absolutely loved it! We walked around for hours exploring before our flight home.

  9. It’s a very smooth process at the airport. If you get your bags and walk to the far end of the airport (it’s not far) there will be a guy to get you the taxi and he will give you the paper with the price plus $1 per bag. It’s about 15 minutes to the airport.



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    Exactly this. It was a very easy and smooth process.

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