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  1. vinman13

    Beverage Package Question

    [quote name='clarea']Items from the Starbucks branded venues on Oasis and Allure are not included with any package.[/QUOTE] We are on Oasis so where do we get specialty coffee and what is the price?
  2. vinman13

    Beverage Package Question

    So Starbucks is NOT included with the ultimate? If not where do you get coffee and what is the price?
  3. vinman13

    Crazy question????

    Explorer H now an I but it is a linked reservation both got moved one is now and I and the other stayed an H right next to each other and only 16 rooms closer to mid ship and are luggage tags say the original room # New documents say new room #
  4. So why does my original booking receipt from my travel agent and my luggage tags that I printed from my online check in have my original stateroom number that I booked. My sail and sign check in paperwork and RCCL computer sign in has another stateroom number same deck just a different room? We are leaving this week. ANY HELP....
  5. vinman13

    Bayonne Premier Parking

    Thanks for the info. I think we will just park at the pier..
  6. We are taking a cruise out of Bayonne NJ. I was wondering if anyone has parked there car at the Premier parking lot in Bayonne Cape Liberty? If you have did was it a positive or negative experience? http://premierparkingusa.com/cruise-parking/port-liberty
  7. vinman13

    Walkie talkies?

    I called Verizon they said as long as you shut your cellular roaming off and your data off in your main setting you can text each other for 50 cents to send and 5 cents to receive. So a total of 55 cents per roundtrip text. if you do receive a phone call do not answer it and you will not be charged. If they leave a voice message do not answer it and there will not be any charges. If you do use voice on the phone it is $2.49 per minute Good luck
  8. vinman13

    Grand Turk

    We are on the 3/30/13 Breeze cruise I have not heard anything yet. You say you got an email that they switched your ports around. Did they replace GT with another port? If so what port?
  9. Leaving on the Breeze next week. I was wondering what bar if any on the Breeze has an ocean view kinda like the Viking crown on RCCL.
  10. 9:30 it is thank you for the advice.
  11. Thanks for the review. I can't wait to hear more about the ship we leave in less then 2 weeks. How was it by the pool on sea day's? Hard to get a lounger or were the HOGS in full force?
  12. vinman13

    Bad thing happen in 3's

    3,4,5 incidents remember in life things happen roll with it. The glass can be half empty or half full. I will cruise, fly, drive my car walk outside with no worries. The other nice thing is for all the people that don't get on a cruise ship its just means more room for me at the POOL LOL. Have a great day at SEA :)
  13. Bad things happen in 3's so Carnival is fine now. I leave 2 weeks from today on the Breeze and I am not worried at all. Now is probably the best time to sail :) See you all somewhere out at sea HAPPY CRUISING....
  14. vinman13

    Pool hours on the Breeze??

    I already have reservations at both of those restaurants. i am sure we will have a GREAT time.
  15. vinman13

    Pool hours on the Breeze??

    What did you think of the Breeze? We leave in 18 Days.