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  1. People say the Chair Patrol will remove items it chairs are not being used. From the last 3 cruises I have been on, (Escape twice and Break away), they do put stickers, people come back to their chairs, pull stickers off, hang for 30 minutes, then disappear for another 2 hours. crazy
  2. i am still getting use to this new forum set up... I use to be able to choose Norwegian, then choose a specific ship to read forum/board topics on just one ship... I cannot seem to be able to find that option right now. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, John
  3. Can someone tell me if open toe sandals , dress pants, and a polo shirt is acceptable dress attire for Cagney's steak house on the ship? thanks, John
  4. I hear Cagneys; is an a la carte specialty restaurant on the Escape. How would my specialty dining package work here? Is it all you can eat? Am I allowed only so much $$$ to spend? thanks, John
  5. In 25 cruises, I have never eaten on the ship where I have to pay additional $$$ to eat. I have the dining package this time, and have plans to eat at Cagney's steak house on the Escape. I understand it's a la carte. How does this work with my dining package? Do I have only so much $$$ towards my bill? thanks, John
  6. Will NCL let us carry on a case of water? And if so, will they take it to our room for us?? thanks John
  7. 3rd time on Escape, but have never had to tender. Tendering from Grand Caymen, do we need to sign up on our cabin TV to get an early tender off??? thanks, John
  8. Why is an excursion needed to go to Falmouth Margaritaville? Why can't you just walk right in? It looks like it's right next to the ship???
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