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  1. Up to now I had trusted Princess and expected that they would handle my refund accurately and in a reasonable amount of time. I have always enjoyed sailing with them and have many cruises under my belt. However. I am still waiting for a refund for my March 21 cruise. I cancelled on 3/16 (Option 2) ,which is 4 days after Princess cancelled. I have FCC's credits ( amounts which Princess has changed on 2 occasions and do not make sense) and not a penny to my credit card. Yes, they have a monumental task on hand, but 100 days of waiting is not acceptable. People who cancelled much later
  2. Caribbean Princess sailing March 21 Cancelled by Princess March 12 Completed Refund request March 16---Option2 FCC's credited on my circle savings account over 6 weeks ago. FCC's amount changed about 3 weeks ago at which point received e-mail from Princess stating they were available. They automatically applied some of the FCC's to a booking I have for March 2021 ( I neither requested nor expected this)and I have some additional FCC's listed as "active". The math for the FCC's does not compute and still nothing refunded to the credit card ( waiting for refund o
  3. I was excited as I was booked on the same March 21 Caribbean Princess cruise as poster above (Gorge girl)> Unfortunately I just checked my credit card and still zero, zilch, nada. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get my money this week, but they are certainly not doing their refunds by cruise date, otherwise I would have been taken care ages ago.
  4. We cancelled on 3/16/20 Option 2 for a March 21 cruise and are also still waiting for the credit card refund. I know this was a monumental task for all the cruise lines but we are now at 90 days!!. I have received FCC's but the amounts don't appear to be correct. Others who cancelled later have received all of their monies. I have not called Princess to complain and allow them time to work through this mess, but frankly am at the end of my patience. I am disappointed with the lack of information, and clarity. Happy for those who have been reimbursed-sadly I'm not one of those.
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