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  1. Have you found any additional information about this yet? We're thinking of doing a similar thing...trying to get our excursion booked and hope to get to the glacier after our whale watching, so we would also need to be able to get back to the pier.
  2. I've always wondered about people who pay for the packages and if they actually work to their advantage. Beverage packages just don't work for me - first, I'm not that heavy of a drinker (usually a glass of wine during dinner and then maybe a mixed drink). Second, my husband doesn't drink alcohol at all...so, for the most part, I plan on taking the two bottles of wine on the ship with us and that will take care of most of my alcohol wishes. I enjoy doing the happy hour drink offer every once in a while. But, the ship definitely isn't making their money off of our alcohol consumption! I'm a big hot tea drinker and anticipate drinking a good bit of that on the cruise again. I bring along my own reusable bottle to have a nice large cup of tea with me.
  3. Thank you for the extra help. We are going with the VD category (what an unfortunate naming for that level) - we will still have a guarantee room rather than being able to select our room, but we felt that we had the best chance of getting what we wanted by being on the Upper Verandah or Rotterdam deck.
  4. I have been doing that. 🙂 and I'm getting more confused as I go along!
  5. For the Eurodam, I've been trying to decipher, but seem to be getting conflicting info so hopefully someone can help me a bit. All these levels (VF, VH, VE, and VD) appear to be guarantee cabins. From there, I know that VF can give one of the steel railing balconies, so we are going to avoid booking those. What are the differences between VH, VE, and VD? I see that VH is only the Upper Promenade. VE could be Upper Promenade, Rotterdam, or Navigation deck. And VD could be Upper Verandah or Rotterdam. I've read that some have deeper balconies, but I'm uncertain as to which (and is that true of all the decks...say VD has the deeper decks - is that both Upper Verandah and Rotterdam???) and I thought that I read somewhere that some of the classes could have a partial obstruction by a lifeboat, which we hope to avoid also, so could anyone clarify which class that is? We are working with a tighter budget, but want to make the best choice...I would hate to economize not knowing what the difference is and then regret it once we are on our cruise. Thank you for any help/insights.
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