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  1. Railer

    White Bay to airport

    Big M & Fletch, thank you for the info.
  2. Railer

    White Bay to airport

    How easy is it to get a taxi at White Bay? When a cruise ship in port are there plenty of taxis available and are they close by?
  3. Railer

    White Bay to airport

    I wasn't sure because of traffic but it will probably be the ship transfer.
  4. We will be arriving at White Bay Cruise Terminal on the 18th of January, 2017. What would be the easiest or quickest way to get to Sydney airport, Ship's transfer, taxi or taxi to CBD and train to airport. I've heard that traffic to the airport can make it difficult.
  5. Railer

    Volos excursion

    We haven't been on O yet but we did a cruise on Cunard that stopped at Volos. I was trying to find some info on what to do or see nearby and finally decided to take the ship's excursion to the Metora monasteries. I don't remember exactly how long it took to get there but I would think it would be closer to a half hour, give or take, each way. We went to two monasteries and stopped for lunch. It was the only thing I could find to do at the time. Volos is an industrial port and in my research, I couldn't find much to do on my own.
  6. Railer

    HAL Website Wackiness

    When I phoned HAL, I got different information than my TA did when she phoned. I was told that on a btb, you do not have to leave the ship in Ft. Lauderdale but others on CC say that you have to get of and then get back on again. Also when I booked my cruise, it was still flashing the explore 4 promotion. HAL told my TA that the promotion was over that they reached their limit. I can understand if it's on the main site because it's still available for other cruises but it should have been taken off the page that showed that particular cruise.
  7. Railer

    Question Regarding An Upsell Offer

    Careful with some upsells. If you have a promotion like the Explorer 4 package, you might lose it if you take the upsell. This is what I was told last year.
  8. Railer

    Back to Back Question

    We are going on our first btb in January on the Maasdam. I've been told by friends that we have to get off when we get back to Ft Lauderdale but when I contacted a HAL representative, he said that we didn't even have to get off. From what I've heard, I don't believe HAL.
  9. My co-worker and I have had this same discussion many times. He cruises around the same time every year out of Ft. Lauderdale. He likes it there and takes a week pre cruise. Many of the islands he's been to countless times and may even stay on the boat while in port and the majority of the people are gone. I'm on the other side and like to see different places, not saying that I will never go back to a certain place if I enjoyed it. Living in the middle of the continent, we can't cruise without some travel involved so the total price goes up. Living in a place that experiences -40 degree days in January, it's nice to go somewhere warm. I've been on an Alaskan cruise and a Mediterranean cruise so far. Southern Caribbean is next on the list. Looking ahead to possibly a European river, Pacific or South American cruise next. Maybe it will be a European land vacation next but to get there could be on a TA. So many places to see and so little time to do it.
  10. Railer

    All Things HALF MOON CAY !

    I keep checking on the price of the cabanas. I originally booked it at $399. When I noticed that they lowered the price to $299 I cancelled and rebooked. We are sailing January 3rd and many of the cabanas are not booked yet. If they lower the price again because they aren't selling I'll be calling them again.
  11. Railer

    What's your favorite cabana # at HMC

    Sorry I can't participate in your poll. I haven't been there yet but we have the peach one booked, I believe its #9. I'll get back to you on it though.
  12. Railer


    We stayed at the Hotel Arlecchino, just across a small canal from Piazzale Roma. After breakfast we crossed crossed the Grand Canal and just wandered along the canal and shopped in the Cannaregio District. Took the vaparetto #1 to St Mark's Square. We then took the Doge's Secret Itinerary tour. This took you through the Doge's Palace which was the seat of government in Venice. We went through the senate chambers, golden entrance and the back rooms where much of government business was done. We saw the court room, torture room and the jail cells including where Cassanova had been imprisoned. Many rooms in the Doge's Palace are no photography to preserve the paintings and murals on the walls. There is also rooms that include the weapons that had been used during the Venetian era. After leaving the palace we grabbed lunch in St. mark's Square. We then wandered many alleyways and shopped. We then took the vaparetto back Piazzale Roma. While on the vaparetto down the Grand Canal you can see many beautiful buildings and bridges. The one place we missed that I would have liked to have seen was the Jewish Ghetto. Venice is a place where all you have to do is walk and you will see a lot. We found Venice to be very interesting and might have done more except for the jet lag, it took us a few days to get over it and we were on the cruise by then. Enjoy.
  13. I phoned HAL about the promotion and they said that they will inform us of when we will get our dinner and which restaurant it will be in. it may not be the Pinnacle Grill, it could be Cannaltos.
  14. We have peach booked for our upcoming cruise. It's close to the washrooms and not far from the dining area. Never been there before so we'll find out what it's like when we get there.
  15. Railer

    Is it just me...

    I agree that this is a very small sample but how many people may have been on the same cruises but never made a complaint on here. Some people will complain to the cruise line and others may not say anything but they will not come back. If there were changes made after a particularly bad cruise, there must have been more than a couple of complaints. Some people will complain about any little detail, where for others, it takes much more. TV stations do not think that one complaint is one complaint. Depending on the size of the available audience, one complaint may be considered to be 1,000 people are unhappy about something. Doesn't mean that this will affect any decisions. But if 20 people complain, they will look seriously at the problem. I am generally the type of person that if I'm not happy with a restaurant or whatever, I just don't go back. Having said that, I've cruised on the Zuiderdam before and I'm cruising on the Zuiderdam again in January. This obviously means that I was happy enough last time to give HAL some more of my vacation dollars. Although if I have a terrible cruise this time, I may not come back again.