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  1. Railer

    How to fit it all in.

    Just been checking out the Queen Victoria on the Cunard site. Our cruise is very port intensive and I'm thinking that I'll be tuckered out by the time I get back to the boat most days. I don't know how I'll be able to explore every place on the boat. I'm looking forward to trying the different bars and lounges, places to eat and things to do. How do people relax on a cruise? I think I'll be dragging myself to my cabin every night, getting up early so I don't miss anything. I can sleep on the plane going home after the cruise. Russ
  2. Other threads talk of free shuttles from Pizzale Roma to the port by some cruise lines. I'm wondering if Cunard has a shuttle and if they do, how much does it cost? Russ
  3. I was wondering about buying jewelry while in other countries. I'm always a little concerned when buying gold or diamonds in places that I'm not familar. I've heard of the magnet trick when it comes to gold but how would you know if you are getting what you pay for when it comes to stones. I will be traveling to the eastern Med in Oct and would like to hear about others experiences in this regard whether good or bad. Thanks.
  4. I was discussing with a coworker about the amount of cash I will have to carry for various private shore excursions and what I have read about pickpockets in some cities. I mentioned that I'm leary about carrying that much cash even in a more secure way. He suggested travelers cheques and cash them on the boat to get local currency. My questions are, does Cunard cash travelers cheques, do they charge a fee and what would the exchange rates be like? Thanks for all advice.
  5. Railer

    Dikili, Turkey

    We will be in Dikili, Turkey the first week of November and wonder what to do or see while there. Anyone that has been there, I would love to hear from you.
  6. Railer

    Evening Activities onboard.

    I was just checking my voyage personalizer and noticed that they listed the various nights dress codes and activities. The dress codes have been covered in other threads but I was wondering about the activities listed. They have a Black and White Ball, Masquerade Ball, Royal Ascot Ball and a Victoriana Ball. Does anyone know what these are all about? Do you need a mask or costume for the Masquerade Ball? Any info would help. I'm not sure how much of these we will attend after spending a long day on our feet at the various ports of call.
  7. We will be looking at doing some tours in Athens on Nov 8th and Delphi and Argolis on the 9th and 10th of Nov. 2011. We will be post cruise but are looking to join another couple or group to help reduce costs. If anyone is interested, we can try to coordinate with people pre or post cruises.
  8. Railer

    Train from Rome to Venice

    I cruise out of Venice Oct 27, 2011 but was thinking of flying into Rome and taking the train to Venice. Has anyone done this? How hard would it be to get from the airport in Rome to the train station.
  9. I will be in Split on Oct.29, 2011. Has anyone got advice on where to go and what to do there.