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  1. Thank you so very much! I did several searches for this date and ship, but couldn't find anything.
  2. Rotterdam - August 29, 2021 14-day Northern Isles (Norway and Iceland) 20th cruise -- 3rd HAL. We are celebrating 43rd wedding anniversary and my retirement! Is there a roll call for this? I couldn't find one.
  3. Did you like that tour company? I've had a few emails with them and they seem to be very accommodating to customizing a tour for us. Since HAL is charging $735 for the three of us just to do the 3-hour trip to the village (which is outrageous), Westfjords is willing to do a 6-hour tour that includes the village, the Falls, the Arctic Fox Center and a couple of towns for a couple hundred more. [It's quite a shock to see their price listed as $130,000 Kroner LOL]
  4. I can'I n I tried, but can't find anything for Isafjordur
  5. We will be stopping at this port next September on the Holland America Rotterdam. We were torn between several sites, including the Viking Village in Thingeryi and the Falls and the Arctic Fox Center. Has anyone been to any of those sites? And has anyone used the Westfjords Tours? Thanks for your help.
  6. Nope, just asking about Isafjordur. Thanks though. On that note, has anyone used Westjords Tours in that port?
  7. Thank you, but there is supposed to be an actual museum with Viking history and activities. I was trying to get feedback from anyone who actually ventured there.
  8. We are deciding on our excursions for next August's cruise, but I cannot seem to find anything for the excursion HAL is offering to the VIking Village in Isafjordur. Has anyone done it? Is it worth it (my daughter is an adult, but lives and breaths VIking history). Thanks much.
  9. True, but we have a really nice tour booked with a private guide and were looking forward to it. We shall see on 10/17!
  10. I just wish they would confirm that to ease everyone's mind!
  11. I meant the itinerary ports pre-St. Lucia on the two cruises are the same. In other words, not yellow fever infected. Is that what you mean by the incorrect email -- because it was sent to people not in infected areas? The part about it being up to the port authority to allow people into St. Lucia was a little unnerving though.
  12. We are sailing on Insignia in October to pretty much the same ports and got the same email. My thought is that St. Lucia doesn't want people coming in from countries known to have yellow fever without a vaccination (I hope). Otherwise, you could read the email various ways as it is very vague. Our contact person at Oceania said the vaccination is a "recommendation" and not a requirement, but yet they state you need documentation verifying that you got the vaccine. It IS infuriating! Edited to add: Just got this from an Oceania rep: Oceania Cruises does not require
  13. Yeah, we take Bonine and one a day works fine, but in this case we may do what we did in Alaska for the whale watching (where half the boat was hanging over the sides getting sick!), take one in the morning and one before we depart back just in case.
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