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  1. Thank you. My concern is if the wetsuits are washed after each use. People tend to pee-pee in wetsuits.
  2. Do they make you wear the wetsuit? I'm aware of the water temp. Ive been to cenotes and we live in florida with freshwater springs. i'm not interested in wearing a wetsuit others have worn. Anyone ever not wear a wetsuit or have a group that did not? Thanks :)
  3. We've been to many cenotes there while land-based vacays so I am aware of the temp of water.. also a Floridian so we have 72 degree Springs we are in all the time. Do they force you to wear the wetsuits they provide? (People pee-pee in wetsuits) Can you bring your own if so?
  4. What do you mean the "real" Blue Hole? i am scheduled with another tour guy for the Blue Hole he's highly recommended but I want the most of the blue hole.. we are Spring lovers!
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