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  1. Hi again RealCindy! I total forgot to report back regarding the dinners.... Well, this is the first time ever that we were not offered a specialty dinner from the concierge or for being in the GV. A lot has changed....we are also platinum plus and now those perks are per cabin ....not per person. There were times we had all platinum people in our GV in the past and we all got individual perks.... I guess with all the new levels and the ultimate dining package kind of changed things.... Anywho, we had great cruise.... The Mexiacn restaurant was a nice addition ! The refurb of the villa inside is nice..Esp, now carpet in dining and living area ..the outside looks rather plain but probably easier for them to maintain. Upstairs in the sun deck area is also a nice change.... No green flooring and a bunch of nice, new furniture... You are going to have a great trip! Enjoy !
  2. RealCindy... Congrats on all the things you are celebrating on your upcoming cruise esp. your youngest son beating cancer! We leave this coming Friday and I can report back to you with a definite answer when I return.... This wil be our 6th time in the GV and we always had a complimentary specialty dinner of our choice that was arranged/offered through our concierge but just thought it was a perk of booking the Garden Villa.
  3. I am going with Septmeber with having the least amount of kids... June can be tricky... We live in CT and our kids are scheduled to get early June (6/8) We've cruised to Bermuda a bunch of times including in the month of May and it wasn't crowded with kids but it wasn't kid free either.... Sept is still nice and warm.... Freestyle in my eyes has changed over the years.... Esp. With specialty restaurants that need reservations and shows that need reservations etc.... So freestyle used to be do whatever, whenever.....and pretty much wear whatever..... We still like cruising NCL for the relaxed atmosphere ...
  4. Thanks.... I didn't even think of the liability issue.
  5. My memory escapes me at the moment on what was on the spa menu but was wondering if the spas offers in cabin services....ie: massage Thanks! Sorry.... I meant in not on! Lol
  6. Thanks.... I should have been even more specific and said the July 2nd sailing ..... I think it may be wishful thinking because it is a big vacay week with July 4th. I'll keep an eye out..... I am already booked with my family but my newly single brother was looking to join us but paying for double occupancy can be a little steep.... Even with lowest category guarantee.
  7. Hi there, I was wondering. If anyone knew if NCL offers solo/single rates during the summer months in the North East? Specifically on the Gem which does not have studios for solos. Right now, they do not but was wondering if they will as the date nears and ship isn't full. Thanks!
  8. Hi there! Do any recent Breakaway cruisers know if there is still a cake decorating class at Carlo's bakery? Thx!
  9. Hi there! From the research you have done, I think you already talked yourself into cruising on NCL : ) But I think you will enjoy it, only if you book the GV. I say this because of your description of what you enjoy doing while cruising. And that is very similar to what we enjoy.... Even though we travel with 3 children. I think the Haven suite would not be ample enough room for the four of you as you already have investigated. We have been in the GVs 4 times and the Jewel 14500 was one of them. The Pearl is in the same class and although I haven't been on the Pearl, it does have the same layouts. We did visit the Jewel Haven but other than taking a look at it, we didn't go back simply because the GV was terrific and there was no need. There is so much included with the Garden Villas and since you are looking to go in either May or September, the price will most likely be cheaper. If we didn't eat our breakfast and lunch in the villa, we would go to Cagney's which we thought was very good. We also like to go to the specialty restaurants or have dinner brought in. We have been extremely lucky that we have had outstanding service which adds to the experience. Let me know if you have any questions or specific concerns and I will do my best to amswer them. I am not sure if you and the people you are traveling with enjoy shows, live music, comedy, casinos, art, working out, going on excursions, etc etc but there is a variety for all.
  10. There were no promos when we did this for the April 24, 2010 Jewel cruise except for OBC which we still received but I have to look at the old invoices to see if the couple in the balcony(my bro & his wife) still received the OBC when combining the two cabins for the GV. They (NCL upsell dept) combined our 2 cabins ....with an neg. price..... It was an incredible deal for 8.
  11. We have..... On the Jewel.... 1 balcony for 2 1 Haven Suite for 6 Upgraded to the GV for a negotiated amount via the upselll dept.
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