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  1. I totally second that - we loved spending time with everyone!:D Loved the Liberty and would definitely sail on her again - the staff was wonderful!!!!:D
  2. It was a combination of smokers, partiers and those that felt they had to carry on a loud conversation with anyone they could see from their balcony. We also found food, dishes & trash on it several times each day & night. Could have been easily thrown from the balconies above or beside us. We were just use to having a regular balcony where your sides are full walls and with the aft they are slanted, so there is NO privacy ever. We got a free upgrade so decided to try it out because we thought we would want it for an Alaskan or Panama Canal cruise. I did notice on other brand ships that the aft walls were full. From what I could tell Carnival's are slanted only because of the way the aft of their ships is designed. You could have a very different experience than us, all depends on who is around you.
  3. Yep, I can vouch for that, the helmet dive that is.:D I can wait to do it in some of the other ports.
  4. Finally a review where two people on the same cruise see it the same. LOL (well most of it) I could never get a seat on the Lido at any time, they always had stuff piled on them and no people. :mad: Wasn't too worried because I thought I wold have my balcony to enjoy - nope, the neighbors ruined that. Think we will not get an extended aft again. We loved the steakhouse, just as much as the one on the Magic. The Magic casino was just as full of smokers, but I hardly smelled it, but on the Liberty I could barely walk past. Too bad for Carnival, because I didn't spend near as much as I would have. :rolleyes: BTW - I was one of the lucky winners of our Poker crawl. :eek: Loved loved loved the comedy club again (always our favorite place in the evening). Honk Honk Donna:D
  5. [quote name='DrLookGood']No need to feel sorry about Magic. I was not there. What I don't appreciate is that every time JH mentions cruisecritic on his facebook or on his blog, there always negative comments about CC on his thread. Whether this all started because there is a group of individual that is "trying to destroy CC" (according to some CCers' opinions) or because of the actions of a few CCers, I don't know. Nor do I care. What I care about is not to be think twice before admitting that I am member of CC. And I strongly believe that the incident on TA Magic did not do any good to CC and its members. Because one side (that includes you) continues to deny that anything significant happened, it appears that I am more inclined to believe another side. See this link: [URL]http://cruiseforums.cruisecritic.com/showpost.php?p=31637108&postcount=37[/URL] (I hope the post is not deleted). You admitted that a person was "asked" to leave. According to another side, he was kicked out. Clearly you are aware what happened. This subject of what happened at that M&G will not go away until there is no more secrecy on CC side and somebody on CC side takes responsibility for what happened (or at least provide plausible explanation).[/quote] Ok, I think I see where you are coming from. Yes, there were some personality problem with the CC group on the TA (some started with people that canceled the trip). With any group the size of that Roll Call (over 300) there are bound to be people that do not get along. I wish I could give all the info I know (which is not everything), but I am not allowed to here. Yes, after the M&G I was told about the removal of someone from the M&G. I am very new to CC (as you have noticed) and this was my first M&G. Since I am retired I offered to help with anything I could and was asked to take over the list keeping from the person that was doing it because he canceled the cruise. Obviously I am very naive because I was ready to jump in and help. I am not interested in the politics of any group, I just wanted to contribute. There were a few people that posted/mailed very hateful things to me and each time I offered to stop keeping the lists because I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. each time there would be many posts asking me to not quit. Yep, I am a glutton for punishment, but the great people far out weighed the mean ones. I was asked if the M&G was charged for - not exactly, but many people purchased t-shirts and the profits from that was used to buy door prizes ( my suggestion since none of the people organizing other activities wanted the money to cover their expenses). In my inexperienced opinion I feel that those people involved in the CC Roll Call should have the only chance to win those prizes. Since I was not the person organizing of the M&G I can only speak to what I told, and that was we needed to give CCL a head count for the M&G and that is why we asked those that planned to attend to let us put them on a list. Yes I know that the group split and there were arguments (some of the people involved canceled the cruise). I really tried to stay out of the fights if I could, after being cursed out by one person and physically threatened by another. I have read the posts and blogs of several people and this is where I have heard about some of the things that went on. I just wish there was more than just negative being written, because many of us had a great time and met some wonderful people. I am sorry if you think I am the problem and maybe I am in denial (just call me Polly Anna). I truly do try to see the good in people, even though some really make it hard. I had really thought this was all behind me and I could look forward to another great CC cruise group - but after all this I think we will just stay away from CC and CCL for a long time. Have a nice evening:)
  6. [quote name='DrLookGood']I am reading your posts in a complete disbelief. You and your husband were implicated in this TA roll call mess. For you to pretend that nothing happened during M&G is beyond ridiculous. I was thinking that CCs (and no, I am not referring to Carnival cookies shortage here) were at least partially responsible for what happened. Not anymore. The sad outcome your actions give CCs ammunition to go after CC. And I absolutely don't like it. I use CC to plan my trips (and maybe even make new friends through roll calls - not always, sometimes). I don't want to be labeled troll or trouble maker because of actions of some (including you).[/quote] I am sorry you feel I caused problems (it would have to be only me because my husband is not involved in anything CC). I honestly only tried to help the Roll Call by keeping up with lists that people asked for. I am truly sorry if I affected your enjoyment of CC or your Magic cruise. Have a nice day:)
  7. [quote name='B and C Blake']What rules? At our M&G we met had fun and cruised together. What rules did I not know about?[/quote] Oh sorry - not M&G rules, but the rules that CC has about their website and message boards.:o
  8. [quote name='H82seaUgo']oh. sorry. didn't know you were employed by cc in your extremely short time here. do you charge for these training classes?[/quote] I am sorry that I am not making myself understood. It was my understanding that the CC M&Gs were private functions (That is what the sign at the door said) - from your posts I guess I was misinformed. Have a nice day:)
  9. [quote name='H82seaUgo']how embarrrasing posting this without reading john healds comments first. i'm sorry, but is cc a club or something. anyone can join, right?[/quote] If I post the details I will get another "shame on you" email. And yes anyone can join and be a member as long as they [SIZE=3][B]follow the rules.[/B][/SIZE] We did have several people come to the 2nd M&G that were not on CC and ask if they could sit in and learn about CC. We welcomed them and I do hope that JH's posts do not keep them away.
  10. [quote name='toby #1']I was at the M&G on the magic TA and didn't hear anything about this. I did hear that some people on the roll call didn't like it that certain people were setting things up and complained about everything they did such as the slot pull etc. and trying to make the CC group look bad. The captain saw right through them though and said there are always a few bad apples in the barrel. Some of the staff will go to some of these things if there is a big group. I could care less if they are there or not. Just want to meet people that are on the cruise that might have the same intrests that I have.[/quote] I was also at the CC M&G and never heard a negative comment from any of the ship's officers or CD. We had a very large Roll Call (over 300) and yes there were some personality problems with some people, and yes there were people complaining about the organization of some activities (but those complainers NEVER offered to help). And YES I was the target of many complaints and problems (and I am still to this day), including physicals threats. This was my first roll call and if it wasn't for the fantastic people I met, I would never join another. There were NONE CC members that tried to draw John into a conflict by stirring up trouble, but that was quickly settled as far as I know. Now if John would stop bringing it up the subject might die. I am just really tired of the fictional stories of some writers about how mean the CC members are and the big one about people being removed from the M&G. Most of the CC people I met were really nice and as for the rest, my parents taught me if I didn't have something nice to say about someone, to not say anything at all. And I only know of one person asked to leave a M&G and that person is NOT a CC member.
  11. USAF&wife

    Carnival Magic TA Review

    I was so glad we got to meet you & Rosy. Thanks for the detailed review. Sounds pretty much like our experience, but you are so much better at writing the details. I received an email from CCL asking for our opinion and I have already responded. I don't expect them to care or do anything about the complaints. Hope to see you both again!
  12. USAF&wife

    Carnival Ecstasy 11-27 Review!

    Just in case you didn't know; I have been told that the liquor shop on board is not run by Carnival, but sublet to a vendor. While the problem may not be directly Carnival's fault, they do need to know any problems so that they may not want to let this vendor on board next contract time. Our first cruise was on the Ecstasy too. We had a great time and booked another for the Magic. Sorry your's was not great. Tamara
  13. USAF&wife

    13 questions

    [quote name='DalesWife'] 4. Will the soda card work in the MDR? Or will I be charged for any sodas I drink there? I'm assuming even with the purchase of a soda card that I will be charged for any sodas delivered by room service, right? [/quote] Your soda card works in the MDR and at every bar, just not for room service or anything you use out of the minibar in your room. It is a sticker on your S&S card, so be sure to bring your card with you. I found that if I had the same waiter/bartender I didn't have to show it after the first day because they remembered me. Needless to say, that kind of service got them an extra tip at the end of the cruise.:D Tamara
  14. We actually booked through Carnival. It was our first cruise and I felt better just booking through them. The tour was to get back so close to our leave time, I wanted to make sure the ship didn't leave us. It may have been silly to worry, but I believe better safe than sorry. It was a great tour, the guides were very informative and gave us plenty of time to explore on our own. I am very pleased we took the advice here and saw Uxmal, over the others. Tamara
  15. We took the Uxmal tour and, no you will not have much time when you get back to Progreso. We shopped a little at the port and then the whistle blew. The Uxmal tour is so worth the time!!!!! Tamara